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Even though Edmonton dentist says almost ¾ of all Canadians. Have been to the dentist in the last year, that does not mean. They do not have burning questions. Or even worries, and concerns. That they want their dentist to address.
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According to recent survey, one of the most common concerns. Or questions that people have for their dentist across Canada. Is wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. While there are lots of products on the market.

Such as whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and more. A lot of these over-the-counter products. Are not as effective as many people expect. The reason why, is that regulations require. That these over-the-counter products.

Only whiten people’s teeth. A small amount. It is considered half a stab, whereas if people visit. Their Edmonton dentist they can get a personalized whitening kit. That will guarantee to make their teeth.

Up to five shades whiter. Therefore, when people are at the tooth doctor for their next appointment. Whether it is a checkup, or just a cleaning. They should inquire about whitening kits.

Not only will they be more economical. They will also be guaranteed. And under the supervision of their dentist. However, some people may have a concern. That they want to whiter teeth. But their teeth are very sensitive.

This is a common question, simply because. The whitening kits, whether they are over-the-counter. Or provided by the dentist’s office. Work by getting into the teeth’s pores. And people who have sensitive teeth.

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This causes some discomfort or pain. Therefore, they may not want to hear about. A whitening kit. And want to talk about other issues. The tooth doctor will let them know there are other options.

A good, and permanent option is called veneers. This is where they put a false front on the teeth. And people can choose whatever shade of white they want. While this is a great option.

Edmonton dentist says that this is often an invasive procedure. That people may not be interested in. Because they want as little amount of work done on their teeth as possible.

In that case, their dentist will talk to them about something called bonding. Bonding is a process where the dentist places a thin, opaque and fatty material. Over the surface of the teeth.

And this adds a whitening layer. This is not invasive. And it does not cause sensitive teeth. However, people need to be aware. That if this is what they are going to do. Whiten their teeth.

There going to need to get it reapplied, about once or twice a year.

The best thing to do, would be for people to visit the tooth doctor every six months. The first visit can be a cleaning and a dental checkup. The second visit can be a regular cleaning.

And any time they are in, they should be asking any and all questions. There is no such thing as a bad question. Except the questions that go on asked.

Edmonton Dentist | Answers To These Common Dental Questions

One question that Edmonton dentist gets often. Is from people wondering how often they should visit the dentist. It is no secret, that many people are very nervous or shy about visiting the dentist.

This is often because people have not had the best experiences. Or, they are nervous to find out. That they might need dental work. Such as getting cavities filled. However, one thing for people to keep in mind.

Is if they put off going to the dentist. If there is an issue, it is only getting worse. While they put it off. The answer to the question. Of how often people should visit their Edmonton dentist. Is a minimum of twice a year.

The recommended frequency is for the first visit, patients can. Get a cleaning from the dental hygienist. And then the dentist can do a checkup. Including x-rays, where they can check for cavities.

And make sure everything is functioning well. There might be problems, such as overcrowding. Teeth that are starting to turn, or wisdom tooth issues. And if the dentist can get a regular look at the mouth.

They can often stop problems. Before they get worse. Then, Edmonton dentist recommends coming back six months later. This one, they can simply see the dental hygienist. In order to get a dental cleaning.

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The reason it is important to get to dental cleanings a year. Is because even when people brush their teeth. Exceptionally well, there are bits of plaque that cannot. Be brushed away by a toothbrush alone.

Plaque is incredibly sticky. And when it is not cleaned off the teeth. It hardens extremely hard. And that is when people need to get. Add dentist or a dental hygienist to scrape it off their teeth.

Black that is not cleaned off professionally. Can increase the chances of gingivitis, cavities. And is also the source of terrible breath. That why, people can have clean their teeth. Have lower instances of cavities.

And fresher breath. As well, another reason to visit the dentist. For professional cleaning. Is that inevitably, plaque builds up below the gum line. This is inevitable, and this is something that.

Toothbrushes alone can never brush away. If this plaque is left uncleaned. What will happen, is that it becomes an irritant for the gums. Which will start to pull away from the teeth. This is then called gingivitis.

Gingivitis can cause people to have sensitive teeth, sore and inflamed gums. And they may find that there gums will start to bleed. If gingivitis is not fixed. By getting a dental cleaning, it turns into periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is not reversible. And well they can fix the problem. If there gums reseed enough. Then they may need a gum grafting. In order to replace that tissue. All in all, its best for people to see.

Their Edmonton dentist twice a year, six months apart. The first step, is to call the tooth doctor now. For your first appointment.