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People visit their Edmonton dentist.twice a year. And have a great oral care routine. But still have questions. That they want to ask their dentist. That will help them take even better care of their teeth.
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One of the most common questions that Edmonton dentist receives. Our from people wondering why. Their teeth are so sensitive, and how should they fix it. This is an extremely common issue.

That has many different possibilities. In fact, people may have looked it up on Google. To find out the cause of tooth sensitivity. And discovered that there are dozens of different answers.

All, very specific to each individual. That is why it is best to simply ask the dentist. At a checkup what is causing the tooth sensitivity that they have. And then, coming up with the solution. To treat that particular issue.

Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians. Did visit the dentist last year. 75% of those adults. Actually were found to have gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by tartar buildup. That accumulates below the gum line.

Where toothbrushes cannot reach. The gums become irritated. From the bacteria in the tartar. And they begin to get read, inflamed and irritated. The gums may start to bleed. People eat, brush or floss their teeth.

And, with time the gums will actually start to recede. This pulling away from the tooth. Means that the tooth roots are more exposed. And since tooth roots have nerve endings. As well as less enamel to protect them.

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When the roots of the two are exposed. It leads to tooth sensitivity. This is the number one cause of the tooth sensitivity in adults. And it is usually because people are not. Visiting their Edmonton dentist as often as they should.

Getting a professional cleaning. Every six months can help eliminate. The bacteria below the gum line. That is directly responsible for gingivitis. Rather than trying to self treat tooth sensitivity.

Pay buying a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne, the best way. Is actually to eliminate the gingivitis. They can do this by getting their teeth professionally cleaned.

And then engaging in a good oral care routine. That involves brushing their teeth. Twice a day, using mouthwash after every brushing. Flossing their teeth, that also. Ensure that they get their teeth cleaned.

Every six months. This alone, is often enough. To eliminate the sensitivity and many people’s teeth. However, it is not the only cause of tooth sensitivity. And if people still have sensitive teeth.

Even after they have cleared up their gingivitis. Or they have sensitive teeth and they do not have gingivitis. The causes could range from grinding their teeth, to having week enamel.

From either over brushing, or simply genetics. The dentist will be able to determine. The specific problem for each individual. And then come up with a solution that is specific for each person.

And the reason behind their tooth sensitivity. When people are ready to stop cringing in pain. They should visit the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient locations.

Edmonton Dentist | Answering Common Dental Questions

While many people understand says Edmonton dentist. How important it is to visit the dentist. Twice a year, and have a good oral care routine. However when it comes to their children. They often have many questions.

One of the most common questions that Edmonton dentist gets. From parents to be, is wondering when. Should they bring their child in for their first dental appointment. Some parents think that they do not need to worry about.

Dental appointments until the child is school-age. And other parents think. That is soon as the child has teeth they should come in. The answer is actually somewhere in the middle says Edmonton dentist.

The reason why. Parents should not bring their children in. For a visit as soon as they have teeth. Is because many children. Get teeth when they are still very young. Or, are born with teeth.

In order to have a great dental visit. The child needs to not only have teeth. But be able to open their mouth on command. And then hold their mouth open for the entire appointment.

This can help the dentist avoid getting bitten. By nervous children. Or children who are not yet ready. Follow directions. This typically happens when a child is about a year old.

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While many parents except that. They can bring their child in for the first time at this age. There also wondering. But they should be doing in the meantime. To protect that child tooth or teeth.

The best thing to do. Is for parents to take a soft cloth. And definite slightly with water. And wipe their babies teeth. After every feeding. Whether they are drinking milk or juice, the residue from the drink.

Can cause bacteria to settle on the teeth. By wiping off the teeth with a soft cloth. Parents can protect the teeth. Until the child is old enough to brush. Another question that new parents have.

Is wondering when their children’s baby teeth. Are going to start falling out. This is a very wide range. As many children. Lose their baby teeth over approximately six years. Parents can prepare themselves.

To have their children start losing their baby teeth at six years of age. And that they will be done. Around twelve years. However, it is important that parents. Are bringing their child to Edmonton dentist for regular checkups.

Because the dentist will be able to see. If a child might lose their baby teeth early. Or if they might be losing them late. Depending on where the adult teeth show up. In a child’s x-rays.

If a child is going to lose their baby teeth early. It is important that the dentist prepares the parents. For what they need to do. To protect the adult teeth. If children are getting adult teeth too early.

Before they learn how to adequately push their own teeth. It can cause more problems. Which is why, parents should bring their children in early. And often to the dentist.