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To find the best Edmonton dentist you have to look no further than the tooth Doctor. You will find that we have three locations to serve you best. Two of our locations are in Edmonton, one in Capilano and the other in Ellerslie. Our third location is in rural Alberta, the town of Tofield. Dr. Peter Yoo is the founding owner and operator of the tooth doctor. He grew up in Edmonton and it has always been his passion to serve the Edmonton community with their dental needs. His kid friendly demeanour helps to put children at ease when they come to visit the dentist.

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Many children are nervous but they are quickly comforted through humour and just a fun atmosphere. This Edmonton dentist wants to make affordable dental care available for everyone who needs it. The friendly staff also help the atmosphere to be like an extension of family for our patients. When you come in you will experience a clean, modern facility with world-class instruments. Dr. Yoo also offers additional dental services such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening and even implants. He is constantly upgrading his skills and knowledge through ongoing training.

One of the many things that patients come in to have done at the tooth Doctor is teeth whitening. They are not happy with the tooth discolouration that they are experiencing. Their smile is not bright or white and can even have an uneven colour to it. Our Edmonton dentist helps with all of that. Foods, red wine, coffee and even smoking all lead to this discolouration. To help our patients achieve their best smile we offer a custom teeth whitening treatment. Before we even get to the teeth whitening we are sure to give a thorough oral exam.

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We want to be sure there are no other issues going on such as cavities or receding gums etc. These issues can make teeth whitening feel uncomfortable because they can cause sensitivities. Visit Edmonton dentist.

Some clients want to just spruce up their smile because they might have a special occasion that coming up or maybe a job interview. They want to look their best and feel confident. When we help them whiten and brighten their smile this helps them feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life. In a job interview this has a huge impact on the first impression that they make. Some people want to combat the effects of aging. As we age the enamel is worn down on her teeth and it is very easily discoloured after that.

Our custom trays with high concentrated bleaching gel helped to remove that discolouration in an even manner. Over-the-counter whitening kits are not as effective because the strips only colour where they touch. In addition to that the concentration levels of the bleaching gel are much lower than what we use at the tooth doctor.

Call our office today to book your no obligation, free consultation and see how we can help you improve your best asset, your smile.

Edmonton Dentist | Tooth Discoloration

Coming into the tooth doctor you will find a great Edmonton dentist. We have three locations to serve you best. Two of our locations are in Edmonton and one is in rural Alberta. Dr. Peter Yoo is the founding owner and operator of these locations. He grew up in Edmonton and has a passion to serve the Edmonton community in their dental capacity needs. Being a family man himself he is very familiar working with children as well as adults. Everyone should have the opportunity to have good dental health care that is affordable and effective.

When you come into this Edmonton dentist you will see a fun and inviting atmosphere. The friendly staff will greet you at the door and help to make you feel at home. We believe that our clients are just an extension of our family. This Edmonton dentist cares about his patients and offers a clean and modern facility to serve their dental needs. Not only does he offer regular dental care such as cleaning, dental fillings, examinations and x-rays but he also offers additional dental services. One of these services is teeth whitening.

Some of the pros of having your teeth whitened are that it boosts your confidence and lightens and evens the colour of your teeth. We can even help make your teeth several shades lighter. This will automatically give you a more youthful look. Believe it or not even people with sensitive teeth can benefit. We believe that all people with stained teeth should have this option.

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One of the drawbacks about teeth whitening is that it can cause some sensitivity. Results are not permanent and colouring crowns or fillings is not possible. When it comes to discolouration, Yellow bleaches well, brown does not respond as well and grey does not respond at all. One thing to keep in mind is that if there are other issues going on with your teeth those need to be fixed first. For example if you have a cavity it is not advisable to whiten your teeth because the bleaching gel can get into the cavity and cause pain.

When you come to Edmonton dentist we will give you a full exam first and decide from there what course of action to take.

An ideal candidate for teeth whitening is someone who has teeth that are stained from tobacco or food colourants. These deep stains might need deep bleaching and more appointments are likely advisable. Before you proceed with teeth whitening services, as has been mentioned, a full exam will take place to make sure there is no tooth decay or other oral problems.

If you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or a job interview and you want to look your best this might be a great time to book a teeth whitening service with the tooth doctor. We can help you turn back the clock on your smile by giving you a lighter and more even colour.