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If you want an Edmonton dentist who really cares look no further than the tooth doctor here in Edmonton Alberta. Our very own Dr. Peter Yoo was born and raised in Edmonton and it has always been his passion to help serve as an Edmonton dentist. There are three locations to serve our community better. Two locations are in Edmonton one of which is in the Capilano area and the other is in the Ellerslie area. A third location is located in Tofield Alberta. It has always been Dr. Yoo’s goal is to help as many people with their dental health.

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He shows he cares by making good dental care affordable and accessible to everyone. Being a family man himself he is very patient and good with children. You can be confident in bringing your children to have their teeth checked and taken care of by Dr. Yoo. Many times he will crack jokes and just have a fun attitude because he knows that people especially children tend to have a lot of nerves when it comes to visiting the dentist. He believes that his dental practice should be a fun environment but still a quality place to have your teeth taken care of.

The clean and modern facility is second to none. You will see many world-class amenities such as modern fixtures and even an espresso machine. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you come in to see the tooth doctor for your dental health care. Our staff are friendly and efficient in serving you as soon as you come in the door.

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Many people come in to see our Edmonton dentist for their teeth whitening needs. They have already tried using the at-home kits to lighten their smile but have not been happy with the results. They often say that the results were patchy and even made their gums and teeth more sensitive. These are very common complaints when it comes to the over-the-counter whitening kits. The strips do not reach all of the places that the discolouration is happening on the teeth and therefore at a patchy look is the result.

At the tooth Doctor we custom make trays to fit the individual’s teeth. Our bleaching gel is a higher concentration than what you will find in the over-the-counter kits.

This is why we get better results and a more even colour. When you think of the teeth you can think of them as a solid wall. As plaque sits on the teeth it starts to make holes in the teeth, kind of like Swiss cheese. Stains get into the holes and are hard to reach with over-the-counter kits. And if you thought whitening toothpaste or special gums were going to do the trick you may have been sorely disappointed. Please call our office to book a free, no obligation, consultation to see how we can help whiten and brighten your smile. We want to help you achieve self-confidence for all of the things you tackle in life.

Edmonton Dentist | Teeth Whitening Customized

Coming into the tooth doctor you will have found an excellent Edmonton dentist. There are three locations to serve you better. Two locations are in Edmonton and one is in rural Alberta. Our goal is to service as many people as possible because we believe that good dental healthcare should be for everyone. The tooth Dr. really cares and we want you to be a patient with us for as long as you have teeth. This Edmonton dentist treats his patients as more than just a number, they are family.

We want you to have better dental health when you leave than when you came in. Our goal is to preserve and protect and improve your best asset, your smile. Our friendly staff will be the first people you meet. You might also be surprised by our clean and modern world-class facilities when you enter the door.

We provide general dental treatments as well as examinations, x-rays, cleaning and of course fillings of dental cavities. Some of the additional dental services we provide are fixing broken or missing teeth as well as straightening teeth and whitening teeth. This is the Edmonton dentist that does it all.

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Patients often come to us because they want to fix their smile, not just because they have dental pain or emergencies. One of the areas that we address is teeth whitening. People come in to have their teeth whitened because of the discolouration that they have. Some of this discolouration has come from foods, red wine or coffee. Smoking can also cause discolouration of the teeth. All of this can lead to a less-than-perfect smile which does not help the confidence of our patient. The first thing necessary to keep your teeth looking great is regular brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

If those things are not doing enough it is time to come in to see the tooth doctor. You may have tried over-the-counter whitening kits but have had little to no results with them. The only result you may have had is an oversensitivity of your teeth and gums.

Some patients share with us that they have used a kit but I found the results to be quite patchy. This is because the strips only bleach what they touch. When you come into the tooth doctor we make you custom trays with a higher concentrated bleaching gel to go with them. This ensures that you get an overall even colour that is much lighter and brighter. These trays can be used again in future treatments because as you can imagine this is not a permanent solution.

You should be able to enjoy all the foods and drinks that you love but still have the best smile. When good habits will not give you the results you are looking for it is time to call the tooth doctor and book a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help you lighten your teeth by several shades giving you a more youthful look.