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When you come into the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who is affordable and loves to serve the whole family. This is an Edmonton dentist that believes dentistry should be available for everyone who needs it. Kids even love the tooth doctor as he often uses a lighthearted approach with a ton of humour. This helps ease even the most nervous patient so that their teeth can be taken care of. This is an Edmonton dentist who truly cares and this is evident even in the friendly staff at the door.

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The tooth doctor started practicing dentistry over 12 years ago and has open three locations to serve families better. Two of the locations are in the city and one is in rural Alberta. He has even extended the hours to include evenings and weekends so that he can offer dentistry service to anyone who needs it. The motto of the tooth doctor is to treat as many teeth as possible so that they last as long as possible in the cheapest way possible. If you are unsure about a quote on teeth work and you want a second opinion the tooth doctor is available for that too. There is no obligation but rather care for the people of Edmonton.

Many people come in to ask the tooth doctor about his teeth whitening services. They want to know what the facts are all about teeth whitening and he is more than willing to share those.

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One of the biggest ways to keep your teeth white and bright and to remove any stains is to consistently have them cleaned. This includes scaling and polishing because this is one of the best ways to remove the stains. To keep your teeth white for even longer you could switch to a lighter colour diet. Things such as white wine instead of red wine or cream sauce instead of Bolognese sauce can help bring the discolouration down.

A lot of people wonder if teeth whitening will wreck the enamel. There is no reason to worry about your enamel being wrecked by a professional dentist. This is what he is trained to watch for and teeth whitening is safe for all sensitivity levels. There is a natural chemistry that happens when teeth are bleached with the gel that causes them to become whiter and brighter. Crowns and fillings do not have this natural chemistry and therefore are not whitened. This is something you should definitely keep in mind when you are choosing your shade of white.

When you have the dentist clean your teeth you are given customize trays that fit your teeth perfectly with the highest concentrate of bleached gel to whiten them. You can take those trays home and gradually whiten your teeth so that they are the colour that you desire. You do not have to look like the Hollywood fake white smile. You can just turn the clock back on your smile and give yourself a more youthful look at your own leisure.

Edmonton Dentist | Do Not Look Fake

If you want to find a great Edmonton dentist we would suggest you come in and visit the tooth doctor. This Edmonton dentist has open three locations to serve all families. Even children look forward to seeing the tooth doctor because of his friendly and fun manner. He uses a lot of jokes and a lighthearted approach to calm even the nervous patient. When you come in the door you will notice a clean modern dental office that is housed with friendly staff to greet you.

This is a place where you can get affordable dentistry for your whole family. And because we know you are busy in your life we offer extended hours in the evening and on weekends.

The above are the main reasons to choose the tooth doctor because he offers general services but did you know he also offers specialty services? One such service that many people ask about is his teeth whitening service. They want to know what is the truth about it and what is false. The tooth doctor loves to explain and teach his clients how to take care of their teeth but also how to have the best smile ever.

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The first thing he suggests is that you have your teeth checked regularly as well as cleaned regularly. Scaling and polishing is one of the best ways to remove any stains that come from the foods that you eat. He has seen even the heaviest smokers keep their teeth white just by taking care of their teeth through cleaning in office to how they take care of their teeth at home.

He suggests you brush your teeth at least twice a day, Flusser teeth multiple times a week and use mouthwash regularly to do so. This will be the first line of defence in keeping your teeth white. You can also switch to a lighter colour diet by avoiding colourants but that is not necessary as you can enlist the help of teeth whitening services from the tooth doctor.

When you use the services you will have customized trays that fit your teeth perfectly so that the bleached gel can reach all the discolouration on your teeth. Because these are trays that you can use at home you can gradually lighten your teeth. This can be an advantage because you can get the desired shade that you like plus you get an overall even colour.

When you compare this to the kits you can buy in the drugstores it just does not even compare. The kits have strips that do not fit your teeth quite right and the bleaching gel is not even close to as powerful. The best you can get is a spotty look that is not much whiter than what you started with. If you are ready to get started with the tooth doctor please call or office and will book you in for a consultation. We want to help you get your best smile today.