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Visiting the dentist should not be a stressful experience says Edmonton dentist. And one thing that can help it be easier. Is if people are able. To ask any questions that they have.
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The reason why they should not feel shy. Is because it is not a given. To that people will automatically know. The answers to these questions. And the more answers they have to their questions.

The better they are going to be able. To take care of their teeth and keep them healthy. That is why dentists love to answer questions. As well, people should understand. That until standards and practices.

Have changed over the years. And they change frequently. So it does not make sense. That people should always. Know exactly what the best thing to do is. For example, it used to be commonplace.

Two recommends that people brush their teeth. After every time they eat. And to do so immediately after eating. This is actually no longer recommended says many dentists. And for many reasons.

First of all, people were brushing their teeth too often. Which was leading to enamel erosion. Enamel is a thin protective layer. Covering the surface of everyone’s teeth. And it is irreplaceable.

That means, if it has been brushed away. There is no way that people can take a supplement. Or get a dentist to put back onto their teeth. This means people will be more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

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This is why people are no longer encouraged. To brush their teeth as often as they once were. But, Edmonton dentist says it is also for another reason. Many people were brushing their teeth.

Two hard, causing other problems. Such as damaging their gums. Which would lead to many problems in their teeth. Such as losing teeth. If they have over brush their gums.

While it is not an irreversible problem. If people have over brush their gums. They can get a skin graft. Although it is incredibly invasive. It requires their dentist cutting skin out of the roof of their mouth.

And then stitching it to the gums that they have rushed to hard. It is painful, and wires along healing time. Which is why it is no longer recommended. That people brush their teeth as frequently as they were once recommended.

As well, Edmonton dentist says it is important for people to know. They should be using a soft bristled brush. It is no longer considered good practice. He is a stiff bristled brush. Many people feel as though.

A soft bristle brush does not get their teeth clean enough. However, this is often the complaint. For people who do not visit the dentist. Twice a year for cleaning. No matter how effectively a person brushes their teeth.

Whether they use hard bristled brush or not. There never able to eliminate. Hundred percent of the tartar buildup. That accumulates on the surface of their teeth. And people the gum line.

Edmonton Dentist | Dental Questions Frequently Asked

Important for people to understand says Edmonton dentist. That they should not be shy to ask questions. Whether it is about wait teeth, sensitive teeth. Cavities or dental x-rays.

There is no bad question. Except the question that does not go asks. Edmonton dentist says they have frequently asked questions. That they would like. All of their patients to know the answer to.

While people may know. That is best practice for people. To visit their dentist twice a year. Once for a checkup and cleaning. And the second for cleaning. So that their teeth can be as clean.

And therefore as healthy as possible. However, during one of those visits. It is going to be necessary. For dentists to give the patient an x-ray. X-rays are an incredibly important diagnostic tool.

As well as an important part of preventative maintenance. It will allow the dentist to see. Problems when they are very small. And very easy, inexpensive and quick to fix. Also x-rays allow the dentist.

To see areas of the mouth. That they could not see with their naked eye. Such as in between teeth. Were cavities are commonly formed. As well as below the gum line, and behind teeth.

However, some people are very nervous about getting dental x-rays. Sometimes because of the cost. However, if they are worried about the cost. They should understand. That the cost of fixing a problem. When it is much larger.

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Is much more expensive. In any dental x-ray can be. If they do not have health insurance. They should look into getting private dental insurance. Or, simply budgeting for one dental x-ray per year.

However, another reason why many patients. Are nervous about getting dental x-rays according to Edmonton dentist. Is because they are scared about the radiation. And while it is true.

Dental x-rays do in Mitt a certain amount of radiation. There are many things that should put people’s minds at ease. First of all, the x-rays that dentists use. Are now digital, which give off only a tiny amount.

Radiation compared to x-ray machines of twenty years ago. Not only that, but it is still practice. That dentists will place an iron bid over the patient. To protect them. From any wayward radiation. Coming from the x-ray machine.

In fact, it such a small amount. That even though dentists have. A Geiger counter to measure. How much radiation is in their clinic. People are going to be exposed. To more radiation while talking on their cell phone.

Or if they are on a commercial flight. Flying from Edmonton to Vancouver. In fact, Edmonton dentist says if a person needed a hundred x-rays. They would still experience less radiation than talking on their phone for five minutes.

Therefore, dentists want patients. To ask the questions that they have. So that they can put their minds at ease. It is worth subjecting oneself. To a small amount of radiation. To prevent large problems, such as a root canal or having to remove a tooth entirely.