Can I Trust My Edmonton Dentist With Botox Treatments?

It may seem strange to think of a dentist providing Botox procedures, but it need not be says the Edmonton Dentist. If you think about it, your dentist is skilled at making your smile the best it can be. Fixing and straightening teeth are the most visible feature of your smile, but what about your eyes, forehead and areas around your mouth. These areas play a part in maintaining a beautiful smile, and dentists are the ideal choice for administering Botox treatments.

Why Should Your Edmonton Dentist Administer Botox?

More than any other health practitioner, dentists are highly trained in the oral and maxillofacial areas. Dentists are not only extensively trained on the head, neck and facial areas, they have many years of experience administering injections in cranial nerves.

This makes them more highly qualified to administer Botox. Dentists like Dr. Peter Yoo are very familiar with possible complications and how to treat them.

Dentists consider details such as lip to teeth ratio and how your teeth might affect the soft tissues around the injected areas. Your smile is their masterpiece.

Are There Medical Benefits to Botox?

Yes. Dentists can use Botox for clinical treatment of TMJ, teeth grinding treatment (bruxism), and chronic facial pain. Patients having trouble adjusting to new dentures or facial muscle retraining may also benefit from Botox treatments.

Studies on the effects of Botox treatments and depression have shown that our mood may be affected by our facial expression, not the other way around.

Are Dentists Trained to Administer Botox?

Dentists that want to offer cosmetic Botox treatments do attend training programs. There are many available. Peter Yoo a.k.a. The Tooth Doctor received training from the Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics in Vancouver, B.C.. The education programs provide in-depth training on crafting facial rejuvenation plans for different patient needs as well as protocols, precautions and treatments.

Dentists not only get comprehensive knowledge on fundamental and advanced Botox injections, but they get hands-on experience while learning. You can have confidence that your dentist is the most highly trained and best equipped healthcare provider to trust with your Botox treatments.

One Last Thought…

One major benefit that dentists have over other Botox practitioners is that you can get dental treatment and Botox in the same appointment in many cases. Plus, you can avoid any awkward conversations around visiting your cosmetic surgeon by telling your coworkers or friends that you have a dental appointment.

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