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Coming into and Edmonton dentist is the best way to have your teeth whitened. At the tooth doctor we offer this teeth whitening service so that you get the best results. This Edmonton dentist loves to see you achieve your best smile.

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Many people want to know what is the best way to whiten their teeth. You should always see and Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor to have the service done because it is the most effective way that also keeps your teeth safe. Just because your teeth are yellow does not mean they are unhealthy it just means that you have had discolouration occur. For some of the reasons for this is the habits that you keep as well as the food and drink that you consume.

The best way to turn back the clock and give yourself a more youthful smile is to visit the dentist for a cleaning on a regular basis. In this cleaning there will be scaling and polishing to help rid your teeth of any stains that might be accumulating on them. This is the best way to remove those stains but also keep your teeth from decaying. We think this is a win-win. Not only do you keep your teeth but you can make them look more beautiful.

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As we said visiting the dentist to have your teeth whitened is the most effective way but maybe you are wondering still why you cannot achieve the same results using over-the-counter or online kits. There is really a simple explanation for this. For one thing the gel that is used in the dentist office is 60 times more powerful in bleaching your teeth white. You will automatically see how much more effective this agent can be. The other part of the professional teeth whitening is the customizable trays that are made to fit your teeth.

You can apply the gel at home into the trays whenever you want to top up or gradual more whitening. You are in control of how white and bright your smile is. When you use the kits from the store all you get is a strip to go on your teeth. The only thing that is whitened is wherever the strip is touching. And as said already the gel is much less concentrated therefore does not whitened near as much.

Some people have tried home remedies to whiten their teeth and have caused irreversible damage and sensitivity. These are unsafe methods because sucking on lemons and using abrasive materials are very unsafe in that they damage the enamel. It is always best to come into see the dentist to have your teeth whitening done.

Once you whiten your teeth you will have to whiten again if you really liked how bright and white they got. The good news is when you use a professional dentist you have the customizable trays and gel at home with you. You can always top up or lighten them again upon your own preference whenever you feel like it. So this means you will not have to say goodbye to your favourite foods.

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The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist that helps you feel comfortable and confident coming in to see the dentist. This Edmonton dentist wants you to have your best smile. This you will need regular checkups and cleaning. You may even want to consider teeth whitening services. This last treatment can help turn back the clock on your smile and give it a writer younger look.

Many people have myths that they believe about teeth whitening and we would like to share what the facts are instead. For one thing teeth are not necessarily unhealthy if they are yellow. The fact is teeth have a natural yellow tint. If you think of your teeth is a solid wall you can imagine when the plaque sits on that it can cause holes. Making it look more like Swiss cheese.

Once you eat highly coloured food those particles get stuck in the holes and cause discolouration. This can age your smile just by the colour of your teeth. You might have tried to brush away the discolouration but it is a good idea to come into the dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

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Scaling and polishing is one of the best ways to remove the stains but also keep your teeth healthy. When you couple this with good teeth brushing habits you can have whiter and brighter teeth for longer. Brushing twice a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly can help your teeth look even better. You could even go as far as lightening your diet by only eating things that are not right in colour. For example you could switch to white wine or cream sauces rather than Bolognese.

Whitening your teeth once will not keep them white forever. Eventually the colour will dull down again especially from diet. The other thing that affects this is how well you maintain your teeth cleaning habits. When you come in for professional teeth whitening services you have customizable trays made and gel to take home with you. You can use these at any time to top up the colour of your teeth to your preference.

Many people ask if the kits or toothpastes you buy in the store online are just as effective as going to the dentist to have your teeth whitened. The short answer is they are not as effective. The long answer is the dentist makes you customizable trays that fit your teeth so that the gel can reach all of the discolouration even better. The other factor is that the gel is 60 times more powerful than the concentrate you would find in a kit. Legally these kits can only be sold with a low concentrated gel. Coming to the dentist is going to be the best way to whiten and brighten your smile.