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At the tooth doctor you will find a great Edmonton dentist who truly cares about the well-being of your teeth. This Edmonton dentist loves to train his clients about how to keep their teeth healthy. It is not enough for him to just fix the teeth he wants to help prevent any further issues. He is also an Edmonton dentist who wants you to have your best smile.

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One of the best ways to have a great smile is to have your teeth whitened. The tooth doctor gets a lot of questions about what the best ways to whiten your teeth are. He loves getting these questions because he is all about educating his clients so that they can keep their teeth healthy for a long time. The number one way to keep your teeth looking bright and white is to have regular checkups that include cleaning as part of your lifestyle.

The scaling and polishing is one of the best ways to remove stains and keep your teeth looking whiter for longer. Although having yellow teeth does not mean that they are not healthy it is not always the best look. A lot of people say they feel older by having a discoloured smile. And even though teeth have a natural yellow tint it is still something that can be treated to give you your best smile and therefore competence.

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Once you whiten your teeth this will not be a lasting procedure. What that means is as you eat the foods that coloured your teeth in the first place the teeth will begin to dull down gradually. You can think of your teeth as solid wall. As the plaque sits on that surface it causes little holes to appear. It becomes more like Swiss cheese. As you eat foods those coloured particles sit in the holes and cause your teeth to be discoloured. Teeth whitening will help reverse that so that your smile can look whiter and brighter.

If you come into the dentist for your teeth whitening services you will get customized trays that fit your teeth perfectly and a bleaching gel that is the highest concentrate available. If you compare this to the online or drugstore kits that you can buy the gel alone is 60 times more powerful to bleach your teeth white.

The other advantage to using trays that are customized to your teeth as opposed to strips that sit on the teeth is that the trays are reusable and they reach all the parts of your teeth better. Strips will only colour what they touch. You may see some results with an online or drugstore kit but you will see the best results using the dentist office whitening method.

In addition to this you can reapply the gel into the trays and give your teeth a top up whenever you see fit at home. If you are not sure how white to go you can take it slowly as well.

Edmonton Dentist | Yellow Teeth Are Not Unhealthy

Finding a great Edmonton dentist can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily you need not look any further than the tooth doctor as he is a great Edmonton dentist. At his core value he wants to save your teeth for as long as possible without breaking the bank. Some of the ways he does this is uses preventative measures so that your teeth remain healthy for longer. The good news is you can keep your teeth if you keep care of them.

One of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and looking white and bright is to have regular checkups that include cleaning services. This is going to be the number one way to remove stains from your teeth and prevent any cavities from developing. When you scale and polish in this visit it can remove the stains more effectively than any other method. Some people have looked into and tried drugstore and online kits to whiten their teeth.

Although these can help somewhat they are not nearly as effective as coming into the tooth doctor to have your teeth professionally whitened. These kits are not exactly the same as the dentist provides. Legally they can only have a low concentrate in their bleaching gel. When you come into the dentist he is able to give you a bleaching gel that is 60 times more powerful.

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Another advantage to coming into the dentist is that he makes custom-made trays to fit your teeth perfectly. When you apply the gel it is able to reach the coloured spots on your teeth much more effectively by using a custom tray. The other great thing about the customized tray and gel from the dentist as you can have it at home to do a touchup or a top up when you start seeing that your teeth are dulling again. You can even take a more gradual whitening approach so that it is not too white for your liking. This all becomes very customizable.

A lot of people have tried some of the home remedies and natural remedies to whiten their teeth and have found no good results at all. In fact they have damage their teeth irreversibly. They have also caused a lot of sensitivity in their mouth by trying things like sucking on lemons. These lemons and abrasives have high acidic content that can eat away at the enamel. This is very damaging and unsafe. Please do not do this to your teeth. Come into see a professional Edmonton dentist to have your teeth whitened. Not only will you get the results you want but you will keep your teeth healthy, clean and safe.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you whiten your teeth it does not mean that they will stay white forever. You will have to reapply the gel to whiten them in the future. As you return to your regular diet the coloured food will again discolour your teeth.