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Despite the fact that every and has teeth, Edmonton dentist says. They still get a lot of questions. From patients wanting to know. The best ways to care for their teeth. When people do visit the tooth doctor.
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They often ask how often should they be coming in for a dental checkup. This is a very important question. Because the frequency of a person’s visits. Can not only help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

But it can also help ensure. That the dentist is catching problems. If they exist, when they are small. Easy, and inexpensive to fix. However, some people think. That they only need to come in once a year. Because that is as many times.

As their insurance will allow them to have a visit that they pay for. However, just because people can only get. One visit paid for by their insurance. Does not mean that is all that is needed.

Edmonton dentist recommends people come in to the office. Twice a year, the first time that they come in. The dentist will give them a checkup. Looking for any problems. That might exist in a patient’s mouth.

Looking for cavities, overcrowding. Checking to see if the wisdom teeth. Or causing any issues. And, to give a dental x-ray. A dental x-ray is an extremely important preventative tool. Which is why it is used.

They can see what is happening below the gum line. Between teeth, and when problems. Are too small. To be seen with the naked eye. That is why dentists like to use this tool. And people should ensure that they allow it.

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Once the dentist has done a checkup. The hygienist will come in and clean the teeth. Because brushing alone. Is not enough to get rid of. All of the tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay and gingivitis.

That is all that will happen at the first visit. And the second time they come in. All that needs to happen. Is a cleaning from the dental hygienist. Every six months, cleaning the sticky tartar buildup.

Can help keep their teeth clean and healthy. However, Edmonton dentist says if a patient. Discovers that the dentist is finding. Problems at their yearly checkup. It might be considered best practice.

To do a checkup every six months. Because some people, might have genetic predisposition’s. To dental problems. And catching things even earlier. Can help prevent a larger dental problem.

By visiting the dentist twice a year. Twice for cleaning, and once for a checkup. Can help people have healthy happy smiles. However, once they know. How often visit their dentist. They often want to know. What they can do at home. The recommendation is for people. To brush their teeth twice a day.

With a soft bristled brush. Using a non-alcohol-based mouthwash. After every time they brush. And of course, floss their teeth once a day. If they have questions about technique.

Or types of toothpaste and mouthwash. The best thing to do. Would be to bring it up with their dentist. At their next checkup.

Edmonton Dentist | Dentists Most Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Edmonton dentist twice a year is what is recommended. However, people still have a number of questions. At each checkup. That they like to ask. To ensure that they are having the cleanest, and healthiest smile possible.

One of the most common questions. That the tooth doctor gets from their patients. Is people wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. White teeth are considered clean and healthy as well as attractive.

Which is why many people want to have whiter teeth. It is also important to note that teeth are slightly porous. Which means they are susceptible to taking on the colouring. Of food and drink that we consume.

As well, people tend to eat and drink. A lot of things that can discolour the teeth. Such as coffee, tea and wine. Therefore, even if people have. A great oral care routine. They may find that with time.

Their teeth are getting slightly discoloured. And that affects how they feel about themselves. As well as their self-esteem. They may have even tried. Getting over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpaste.

Or the whitening strips that they can apply to their teeth. And while these products do work. They also have a very low amount of active ingredient. Because they are not being used. Under a doctor’s care.

Therefore, they are only designed to whiten. Half a shade whiter. Than a person’s original colour. If people are continuing to drink coffee, tea. Or drink wine. And eat the foods that discolour their teeth. While using the whitening products.

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They may discover that they do not notice a difference at all. Which is why they want to ask their Edmonton dentist. What they can do. The good news is, the dentist has a lot of tools at their disposal.

To help people have a beautiful white smile easily. The first thing that they recommend is a bleaching kit. But unlike the products that people can buy. Over-the-counter at their drugstore.

The leaching kits that dentists use. Are guaranteed to whiten. Up to five shades lighter. This is because it is being used. Under the care of a doctor. And what is even better, is that when people.

Use the kits supplied by their dentist’s office. It is a kit, designed specifically for them. They will mould trays to a patient’s teeth. And consult with them. To ensure that the elite that they are using.

Is going to whiten the amount they desire. However, Edmonton dentist says these bleaching kits are not great. For people who have already sensitive teeth. As bleaching can cause even more sensitivity.

Therefore, people can ask their Edmonton dentist. What other options there are. And there are options like veneers, and bonding. That may be a better option for a wide variety of patients with sensitive teeth.

When patients are ready. To have a beautiful white smile. Visiting their dentist at the tooth doctor. Is going to be more effective than using any products over-the-counter.