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While many people understand they need to visit their Edmonton dentist regularly. However, many people are concerned about. Getting dental x-rays. X-rays are very important for understanding.
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What is going on in the mouth, because they can show the dentist. Areas of the mouth they cannot see. Such as below the gum line. And what is going on inside the tooth. For example, they can see cavities starting to form.

In areas that are difficult to see visually. They can also see things like overcrowding. If wisdom teeth are causing problems. Or if teeth are starting to shift, and fall over. Which is common in older people.

The reason why many people are nervous for their dentist. To give them x-rays, is because there concerned. With the amount of radiation that they are exposed to. This is a real concern.

Because x-ray machines do give off radiation. However, the reason why people do not need to be worried. Is because Edmonton dentist uses digital x-ray machines. Which give off only a fraction.

Of the radiation that traditional x-ray machines use. As well, their dentist ensures that they place an iron bid. Over every patient before giving them an x-ray. Which protects them from most of the radiation.

Furthermore, the amount of radiation. That comes off of a digital dental x-ray machine. Is incredibly minute. For instance, people will have more radiation exposure. Talking on their cell phone for five minutes.

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Or, going on a commercial airline. That is flying from Edmonton to Vancouver. Therefore, there is truly no need for concern. When people are getting dental x-rays. We are exposed to more radiation, in our daily lives. Then with dental x-rays.

However, another concern. That people have when they visit their Edmonton dentist. Is that it is the expense that they are concerned about. Many people do not have health insurance. That covers dental visits.

And visiting the dentist, is sometimes cost prohibitive. People want to save money, and think it is prudent. To save money through not getting dental x-rays. The reason why this is not a great idea.

Is honestly because dental x-rays are so critical. In diagnosing concerns when they are small. Which means they are easier, and less expensive to fix. When they are caught early enough.

Therefore, getting a dental x-ray from their dentist. Should be seen as a prevention measure. Rather than an expense. For example, if they catch a cavity well it is very small.

The dentist can fix it, and put a filling in that tooth. Before it causes many problems. However, if they do not get an x-ray. And the dentist does not see that cavity. By the time they see the dentist in one year.

The problem will be very large, perhaps the cavity will have already reached. The patient’s tooth root, which means now they need a root canal and a crown. Or, they may need to pull the tooth entirely.

People who are concerned about getting dental x-rays. Should be very open and honest with their dentist. Who can then, have a honest and open conversation.

Edmonton Dentist | Do You Have These Dental Questions To Ask

Many people see their Edmonton dentist regularly. And yet, still have many questions. One of the most common questions. That people ask the tooth doctor is wondering. How they can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

Honestly, it all goes back to practising good oral hygiene. This case scenario has people brushing their teeth. Twice a day, flossing their teeth daily. And then, using mouthwash.

The reason why brushing twice a day is important. Is because it eliminates the plaque buildup. And plaque is what causes cavities, as well as gingivitis. The reason why flossing is so important.

Is because all of the surface area between the teeth. Equal a significant amount of tooth area. And furthermore, it is extremely common. For food particles to get stuck here.

Which makes it incredibly easy for this stuck food. To cause tooth decay between the teeth. Flossing once a day eliminates that. And finally, people should be using mouthwash. Because brushing alone.

Does not get rid of all of the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. For example, people have the soft surfaces of their mouth. Their cheeks and tongue. That can hold bacteria. Once people brush their teeth.

Once they close their mouth, if bacteria is on their cheeks and tongue. It can be transferred back to the tooth. Where it can cause tooth decay. By using mouthwash, people are eliminating.

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The bacteria that lives on the soft surfaces of their mouth. Making it less likely for them to develop tooth decay, even after they brush their teeth. The tooth doctor even says they had a patient.

Who did not have a single cavity well into her nineties. And she said the secret to not having any cavities. Was that she brushed her teeth twice a day with mouthwash. And while that is not something that Edmonton dentist recommends. It only illustrates how important. Mouthwash is to the prevention of tooth decay and gingivitis.

Regular dental visits, and getting teeth professionally cleaned. Either by dentist or a dental hygienist, can minimize the instances of gingivitis and tooth decay. By cleaning the plaque that is impossible to brush away.

Finally, another question that the tooth doctor gets consistently. Is from people wondering why their teeth are so sensitive. The short answer, is that while there are many various causes of tooth sensitivity.

One of the most common causes. Is actually gingivitis. Gingivitis causes the gums to reseed. And when the gums pull away from the teeth. The tooth root is exposed, bringing it sensitivity.

Ultimately, if people have gingivitis. The fix is to brush their teeth regularly. And book themselves in for regular and consistent tooth cleanings. For more questions, people are encouraged to make an appointment.

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