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While many people understand, according to Edmonton dentist. That they should be visiting the dentist a minimum of twice a year. Once to get a complete checkup and cleaning. And a second time for cleaning.
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However, while this is something. That not everybody does. Even fewer people have all of the answers. To their most burning dental questions. A lot of people, shy at the dentist for various reasons.

Do not get the answers to the questions. That can help put their minds at ease. For example, one of the most popular questions at the tooth doctor. Is it from people wondering why their teeth are so sensitive.

And while there are many different causes of tooth sensitivity. The most common cause of this dental problem. Is that people have untreated gingivitis. What happens when people get gingivitis.

Is that they have plaque and tartar buildup below the gum line. This is irritating to the gums. And so the gums get inflamed. And then recede, in order to. Get away from the bacteria that causes irritation.

By receding, what happens is the gums exposed. The tooth root, so that the teeth become sensitive. As the roots have less protective enamel. Than the rest of a person’s tooth. Therefore, gingivitis causes teeth to be sensitive.

The easiest way to fix this problem. Instead of using tooth desensitizing toothpaste. Is actually to fix the problem of gingivitis. While gingivitis can be stopped. Once the gums have receded a certain amount. There is no fixing that problem.

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Without a skin graft. Therefore, if people find that their teeth. Are all of a sudden sensitive, when they were not before. They should take themselves to Edmonton dentist right away. And find out if they have gingivitis.

The first thing the dentist will be able to do. Is actually give a thorough cleaning. By professionally removing plaque and tartar buildup. They are removing the irritant from the area.

Which will allow the gums to start to heal. The next step according to Edmonton dentist. Is to simply engage in a good oral care hygiene routine. For example, brushing twice a day. Flossing once a day.

And then using mouthwash on a daily basis. By doing this, after getting a professional cleaning. Should be enough to fix the sensitivity. For many people. To help that issue not return.

Many people should continue visiting their dentist. Twice a year for professional cleanings. However, this is not the only cause. Of sensitive teeth. If people tend to grind their teeth.

Especially at night, or when they are under stress. Grinding can also cause the teeth to become sensitive. The fix for this is easy as well. People can simply get what is called a splinter or a grinder.

Which is a moulded plastic tray. That fits over the patient’s teeth. So that when they are stressed. Or when they are asleep, any grinding is minimized. Another issue that could cause sensitive teeth.

Could be having tooth enamel that is too thin. This is typically caused by genetics. And if people would like to learn. What can be done to fix this, they should visit their dentist at the tooth doctor today.

Edmonton Dentist | People Have Many Of These Dental Questions

Visiting the Edmonton dentist can be nerve-racking for many. Because they are sensitive in the mouth. And they do not like strangers. Poking around where there could be pain. A person’s mouth is very sensitive and private.

However, there is no need to be nervous. When people are visiting the tooth doctor. They have three convenient locations, one in South Edmonton, one in central Edmonton. And a location in tow feel.

Which makes it convenient. For many people all over the city to visit. They will be able to find out. Before any work begins, what the dentist recommends. And if they need.

The dentist will talk them through the entire procedure. So that they can prepare. However, while many people. Can work up the courage to go to the dentist. Fewer people can work up the courage. To ask them questions.

There are many questions that people often wonder the answer to. However, rather than wondering and worrying. They should simply open their mouth, and ask their dentist.

One of the more common questions that Edmonton dentist is getting these days. Is or people wondering if they should get dental implants. Dental implants are now the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

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Whereas several years ago, it was either dentures or bridges. And people may be shocked to find out. That bridges and dentures. Our the same cost as implants. And these devices, are not permanent fixtures in the mouth.

The way dental implants are. It is also possible for dentists to fix one tooth at a time. Which is impossible with dentures. What happens, is that the tooth will be pulled. And then, a metal post will be surgically inserted in the tooth’s place.

By adhering the stainless steel screw directly into the bone. It helps avoid bone loss. Which happens when there is no tooth in the gums. To stimulate blood flow. The body will simply repurpose the calcium in the bones.

And the gums will erode away. Therefore, Edmonton dentist says implants. Are even better than dentures and bridges as well. Once the implant has healed. Which will take approximately 3 to 6 months.

They will go back to their dentist. Who will now affix the crown, moulded to look just like the patient’s teeth. And screw it in place. It will look, feel and perform. Just like a patient’s real tooth.

And no additional maintenance will be required. It lasts forever, unlike bridges and dentures. That need to be refitted every few years. Because of the bone erosion discussed earlier. If patients have tooth loss.

And they are wondering the best way to replace them. By visiting their Edmonton dentist, they can ask the questions. That will help them make the right decision. That is going to be best for themselves.

As well as their mouth in the long run. To make an appointment, people should call The tooth doctor today. The sooner they get answers to their questions, the better.