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At the tooth doctor we are and Edmonton dentist who truly cares about the health and longevity of your teeth. We are in Edmonton dentist who wants you to be able to keep your teeth for a lifetime. Having grown up in the city of Edmonton the tooth doctor has always been passionate about serving the people here in their health when it comes to their teeth. When they come in for an appointment to see this Edmonton dentist, he is quick to help educate them on everything they need to know to keep their teeth healthy and whole. There is no exception when it comes to teeth whitening. There are many things that people are doing to whiten their teeth that are not healthy for them.

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First of all there are many beliefs that people have that are just not true about teeth whitening and the methods they should use. For one thing just because you have yellow teeth does not mean you have unhealthy teeth. Teeth have a natural yellow tint. This shade is very treatable with teeth whitening treatments. It is the browns and greys that are not. If you are seeing browns and greys on your teeth that is a different issue that needs addressing. Be sure to come into the tooth doctor to have your teeth checked and we can go over any issues at that time.

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People wonder if they can use natural remedies at home and still get great results in whitening their teeth. They actually assume they will get better results than the dentist. They try things like sucking on lemons to whiten their teeth or using abrasive products. These are damaging methods and should never be tried at any time. The acidity in them can cause the enamel to be eaten away and that causes sensitivity and irreversible damage. We want to remind you that this is a terrible method to trying to whiten your teeth.

Discolouration happens because your tooth is like a wall but when plaque sits on it it causes little holes to appear. When you eat foods or smoke some of the particles get stuck in those holes and it causes the discolouration. Red wines, coffees and smoking can all lead to this issue. There are some things you can do that will help combat this. First of all having a regular checkup with the dentist is number one. From there you will want to have regular cleanings that involve scaling and polishing because this is one of the best ways to remove any of those stains.

One thing you can do is lighten your diet to help prevent further discolouration from coming back too soon but it is not necessary because as long as you have healthy cleaning habits you can keep your smile looking bright and even. Things like brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing multiple times a week and mouthwash daily can go a long way.

Edmonton Dentist | Never Whiten This Way

We are in Edmonton dentist that cares about our clients tooth health. At the tooth doctor when you come in you will see and Edmonton dentist who not only treats your teeth but educates you on how to take care of them for a lifetime. His main goal is to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. This is an Edmonton dentist who truly cares and wants you to achieve your best smile.

Many people believe different things about whitening their teeth and how their teeth get discoloured in the first place. First of all it is the food and drinks and things like smoking that cause the discolouration. Even though our teeth are naturally yellow it does not mean they are unhealthy. This yellow can be treated with teeth whitening services to ring it back to a nice bright white smile. When you have regular cleaning and checkups that involve scaling and polishing you can really combat the stains on your teeth.

This is one of the most effective ways. If you clean your teeth regularly and brush them properly you will not need to change your habits or your diet to keep your teeth white.

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Some people wonder if the kits that they buy in the store will be as effective as whitening treatment you receive at the dentist. The kits are not as effective as the dentist but they do give some results. The strips are not accustomed to fit your teeth so they do not give an overall even whitening effect. The gel that is used in the kits is not as high of a concentrate is the gel that you would get from the dentist. You can only get the 60 times more powerful bleaching gel through the dentist.

It is not legal to sell this in a drugstore online. In fact not many things you buy online are legitimate and work the same as the dentist. Your best bet will always be to come to the dentist to get a professional opinion and treatment set up for you.

The dentist will make customizable trays to fit your teeth so that your teeth whiten evenly and effectively. These trays can be done at home just as safely and can give a more gradual result if that is what you seek. The gel used is much more concentrated so it is also more effective. Once you whiten your teeth they will have to be whitened again if you liked the colour you got. Whitening does not last forever it will gradually dole down especially because of diet and possibly poor cleaning habits. The good news is you can reapply the gel at home to whiten your teeth again.

If you are ready to get started today please call our office or visit our website to find out more info and we can book you in for a consultation.