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The tooth doctor is in Edmonton dentist who will do whatever he can to help you save your teeth for as long as possible first cheap as possible. This Edmonton dentist loves to educate his clients so that they take good care of their teeth and enjoy all the other things in their life because they have one less thing to be concerned about. Being in Edmonton dentist is a passion for the tooth doctor as he grew up in the city and has always wanted to give back in this capacity. It is always been his goal to help every person who comes to see him to achieve their best smile.

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One of the top things that people inquire about with the tooth doctor is about whether it is worth coming in to have their teeth whitened at the dentist or if they can achieve the same results at home using other methods. In short the answer is always come into the professional dentist to have your teeth whitened. Do not risk your teeth and their health by trying to go about it in the wrong way. There are lots of methods out there when you start searching about how to whiten your teeth that are unsafe and kind of ridiculous.

The first one that is very dangerous is sucking on lemons to whiten your teeth. Although this sounds like a natural remedy and we all think natural is best however in this case it is not. Lemons have a high acidity to them and that can cause the enamel to get eaten away. In turn this causes sensitivity and damaging effects on the teeth. This damage is irreversible. It is always best to come into see your dentist for a service like teeth whitening.

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Another thing people used to try to whiten their teeth are the kits that they can buy in the store. These kits have minimal efficacy and overall do not deliver the results that you are looking for. The strips used in these kits do not fit your teeth perfectly and therefore only colour where they touch. The overall result can be a spotty look. You will not see an overall even colour. This can be disappointing as it becomes undesirable.

Another thing about these kits is the gel that is used in them is a very low concentrate. It is not legal to sell anything higher than what is in the kits therefore the strength of the bleaching agent is not very high. When you come to the tooth doctor to have this whitening treatment done you will get the highest concentrated bleaching gel you can get. This can only be accessed through the professional dentist.

Because this gel is 60 times more powerful it gives a much better faster results. In turn it looks better but it is also safer to use. If you are ready to get started please call our office and book a consultation and we will see how teeth whitening can help you turn back the clock.

Edmonton Dentist | Safe Teeth Whitening

At the tooth doctor we are an Edmonton dentist who cares about the health and beauty of your teeth. Our goal is to make your smile look great but feel great to. As an Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor has always been passionate about serving the community of Edmonton as he grew up here. It is his goal to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. We are not sure if you will find another Edmonton dentist who cares as much.

One of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean is to come for regular checkups that include cleanings. When we scale and polish your teeth we can help turn back the clock as well by removing any stains that have developed. This is one of the best ways to whiten your teeth before we even go to a whitening treatment. Coupled with great at home teeth cleaning habits you can achieve your best smile. Not only do you keep the cavities away by your teeth look wider brighter and younger.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is if teeth whitening from the dentist is worth the price compared to the kits you can buy in the store. Essentially it is because the results you get from the dentist are much more effective and aesthetically pleasing.

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You may buy a kit over-the-counter and tried out at home and find out that it did not work as great as you had hoped. This is because the strips in the kit do not reach all parts of your teeth and make them white. Only the parts that the strip touches are whitened. This can cause an uneven, spotty look on your teeth. The gel that is used in these kits is also very low concentrate so it is also not as effective as the dentists.

When you come into the tooth doctor to have your teeth whitening done you will be given customized made trays that fit your teeth. The gel that is used to brighten your teeth is a much higher concentrate and can give a 60 times more powerful results. You will always get a better result with the professional dentist. We think this is worth it in the end. One more great thing is that the trays will home with you and you can top up the colour that you have at any time you need to.

You can also take a gradual approach and how white you get your teeth and where you want to stop. Because you might not want to change your diet this becomes a great solution and always having white smile. This is also a safe approach to whitening your teeth. Call the tooth doctor today to come in for a consultation and will show you how we can help you achieve your best smile.