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There are so many choices when it comes to finding an Edmonton dentist. Why should you choose the tooth doctor? There are many reasons that make the tooth doctor the best Edmonton dentist. There are three locations to choose from in and around Edmonton. Two are found in the city and one in the outskirts. Having grown up in the city it has always been Dr. use passion to serve the community in their dental needs. The dentists and staff at the tooth doctor offer personalized care and service. Our clients trust us with their most precious asset, their smile.

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This Edmonton dentist owns and operates all three locations making it a place that feels more like family than anything else. He is a dentist who really cares about the well-being of every patient. Dr. Yu has been in business for over 12 years and has a family of his own therefore he understands the needs and nuances of children. This makes him a great dentist where he uses humour and patience to help every person who sits in his chair to feel comfortable.

The world-class facilities at the tooth doctor allow for excellent care and comfort. You will see modern fixtures and equipment as well as even an espresso machine. We like to think we are an extension of home when you come to the dentist.

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There are many reasons why people come into see the tooth doctor but one of the main ones is to make their smile look better. People not only come in to be healed of any pain in their teeth but also to make their smile brighter and whiter. We offer teeth whitening services at every location.

Some of the facts around the colour of teeth is they have a natural yellow tint. As food colourants and tobacco enter the mouth they can leave particles on the teeth that cause discolouration. This discolouration can add more of a darker yellow to your teeth. This yellow colour is very receptive to the whitening gel that we use in our practice.if you are noticing that your teeth are brown that is going to be a harder colour to correct and it does not respond very well to the bleaching gel.

If you see grey on your teeth that is the colour we cannot correct because it does not respond at all to the bleaching gel. Sometimes if a stain is deep and needs deep bleaching and possibly more appointments. All people with stained teeth can be treated.

One thing to keep in mind is that enamel is what we are treating when we do a whitening treatment. Only the enamel is white. We are not able to treat fillings or crowns because they do not respond to the bleaching gel. This is where it will be an advantage to work with the dentist and matching the crowns to your teeth or your teeth to your crowns when whitening.

Edmonton Dentist | Facts Vs Myths With Whitening

To find the tooth doctor is to find a great Edmonton dentist. We know that most people are nervous to come into the dentist and that is why we take every precaution to make our new and existing clients feel welcome as well as relaxed when coming to visit us. Children especially might have anxiety over meeting someone new or having someone touch them in their mouth. our founding dentist Dr. Peter you owns and operates all three of our locations of the tooth doctor.

He is also an expert when it comes to working with children as he has children of his own. He uses a lot of humour and fun personality when dealing with kids as this helps to calm the nerves and allow him to work on their teeth. This is one of the reasons that he is a great Edmonton dentist.

The staff and other Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor are friendly and professional making every person who comes in the door feel welcome and comfortable. Our facilities are world-class as you will see modern fixtures and equipment as well as even an espresso machine. Every station is equipped with all of the dental equipment as well as a TV for our patients viewing pleasure.

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When coming in to see Dr. Yoo for some of the additional dental services such as teeth whitening you will still have an exam of your mouth to make sure there are no underlying issues. If there are any cavities those need to be addressed first as they can become sensitive with the bleaching gel that is used in the whitening treatment. Once any other issues are taking care of then a custom whitening system can be created.

You might ask our Edmonton dentist what makes a good candidate for teeth whitening. Any patient who has teeth that are stained from food colourants or tobacco makes a great candidate. Yellow teeth are still healthy but can be treated so that they are lightened and the colour is even. We are able to go several shades lighter with our whitening treatment. This allows for a more youthful look and even people with sensitive teeth can benefit. In the end we want our clients to be confident when they flash their smile.

Whitening your teeth is not a permanent fix because as soon as you are back to eating your normal diet the shades will drop gradually and your teeth will no longer be as white as time goes by. When you have a whitening treatment with the tooth doctor, you have had a professional dentist customize trays for you. This makes for easier applications in the future. Some people think laser whitening is better but that is simply not true. At-home trays work just as well and can be safer.

Another advantage to using Edmonton dentist at-home customized trays is that your teeth can be whitened gradually. This allows you to reapply the gel at home whenever you want to brighten your smile.