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Taking care of teeth is simple says Edmonton dentist. As long as people know what to do. The problem is, there is misinformation out there. And dental standards have changed through the years. Making this not as straightforward. As some people think.
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This is why they never want any of their patients. To feel awkward or strange. About asking questions. About how to take care of their teeth. They want everyone to have. As much information as possible.

To help them feel confident that they are. Caring for their teeth as they should be. One of the most common questions that people ask Edmonton dentist at their visit. Is how often should they be coming in. For their dental checkups.

Despite the fact that Canadians have universal healthcare. That does not extend to dental care. As it was eliminated in the fifties. Combat the rising national debt. Therefore, people have to end up paying.

For dental visits out of their own pocket. Unless they have dental insurance. And while many people do have insurance. Insurance pays for only one visit every nine months in some cases. Which leads many people to believe.

That they should only be visiting the dentist once a year. And while it is true says Edmonton dentist. Visiting once a year is better than not visiting at all. Best practices say that people should be visiting.

The dentist every six months. The reason why, is because this the best time. For them to get a cleaning of their teeth. To eliminate the tartar buildup that has accumulated on the surface of their teeth. And below the gum line.

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Despite a person’s best efforts. At brushing properly. Twice a day, using mouthwash and flossing. Tartar is an extremely sticky substance. And brushing alone cannot completely eliminated. Especially as it accumulates over time.

What is worse, is the tartar buildup over time. Also hardens into a very difficult to remove substance. Which is why professional cleanings is so important. In addition to that, tartar buildup happens.

Underneath the gum line, and brushing can never eliminate that. Therefore it is important for people. To have the dental hygienist clean their teeth. To get rid of the tartar buildup. That actually can cause tooth decay. As well as gingivitis in many people.

Every six months for this cleaning is what is recommended. But also at one of those appointments. They should ensure that a dentist. Is seeing their teeth. In order to ensure that the teeth.

Our clean, and problem free. They will look for problems. Such as teeth becoming crooked. Shifting and cavities. They will also likely use a dental x-ray. To ensure that any small problems. Our caught and fixed early.

Nobody should feel in the dark about their dental care. Which is why they should not feel shy. About asking their dentist. How often they should be coming in. And making a plan to ensure that it happens consistently for themselves and every member of their family.

Edmonton Dentist | Asking Important Dental Questions

Taking good care of teeth, is the goal for many people says Edmonton dentist. And they often get asked. By patients, especially if they had cavity. Or they find that they have gingivitis.

Is finding what the best way. To practice good dental hygienist home is. This is a great question, and not something. That everybody knows. Which is why they want to be sure. Everyone asks this question if they are not sure.

The best practices is for people to brush their teeth. Twice a day. But not directly after eating. The reason why, is because many of the foods we consume. Our high in acidic content. Such as citrus fruits, tomatoes.

Foods with vinegar, and things like salad dressing. The acidic content actually softens the enamel on our teeth. And if we brush our teeth. Before that enamel hardens up. We can actually brush it away.

Enamel is not only a protective coating on the teeth. That protects against tooth decay and cavities. But it is also irreplaceable. If it is accidentally brushed off the teeth. Dentists cannot put it back. And while they can help strengthen the teeth.

Replacing the enamel is quite simply not possible. Therefore, helping people avoid accidentally brushing away the enamel on their teeth. Is extremely important. Which is why people should brush only twice a day.

And brush at least half an hour. After they have eaten. If people want to ensure. That they are eliminating as much bacteria. Before brushing as possible. Dentists recommends that people should be. Drinking a glass of water.

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In order to protect against the bacteria that might live in their mouth. After eating. As well, Edmonton dentist says to protect against enamel erosion. They recommend people use a soft bristled toothbrush as well.

In addition to not brushing away this off and enamel. Hard bristled toothbrushes can actually damage a person’s gums. People who have brushed their gums too hard. And up needing skin graft to correct the problem.

In addition to that, Edmonton dentist recommends. Using mouthwash after every time they brush. This is so important, because it eliminates. The bacteria that lives. On the soft surfaces of the mouth.

Such as the soft palate, tongue and cheeks. Any people may not realize. That the bacteria can transfer. Back onto their teeth when they are done brushing. So mouthwash, can further reduce.

Or chances of getting tooth decay and cavities. However, they caution people. To only get the mouthwash. That is alcohol free. Because alcohol is a drying agent. And can cause are melds to dry up.

And dry mouth are responsible. For increased cavities and tooth decay. Finally, Edmonton dentist recommends people finish their oral care routine. With floss, to get all of the tartar buildup.

As well as food particles out from between their teeth. In between the teeth represents. 3% of the surface area of a person’s teeth. And this, is the best way. To eliminate cavities, on this very large surface area.