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One of the things that Edmonton dentist wants people to know. Is that getting a clean mouth takes a multifaceted approach. Course it is important. That people should be engaging in a good oral hygiene routine at home.
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However, it is also important. That people are making regular visits to their dentist. For checkups, as well as cleanings. This is important to do, as brushing alone. Is not enough to eliminate all of the tartar buildup.

That can cause tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. However, what people do at home. Is important as well. A common question that Edmonton dentist gets. Is what should their oral hygiene routine at home be?

The first thing that they recommend. Is for people to pick up a soft bristled brush. A hard bristled brush. Can actually be very damaging to their teeth and gums. And responsible for brushing away. The protective layer of enamel. That exists on everyone’s teeth.

After that, they should ensure that they are brushing their teeth. Twice a day. But not to quickly after eating. Unless people need to put in Invisalign’s. They should be waiting about half an hour after eating.

To brush their teeth. The reason is because many foods. Have acidic content. That actually softens the enamel temporarily. If people eat acidic food. And then brush their teeth to quickly after eating.

They could be brushing away the enamel, and once it is gone. It cannot be put back. Foods that are high in acidic content include citrus fruits, tomatoes and food with vinegar.

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After they brush their teeth, Edmonton dentist recommends. Using mouthwash. When people are choosing the mouthwash, they should avoid the kind. That has alcohol in it as it is drying.

When alcohol mouthwash is used, it actually reduces. Or eliminates the saliva production in the mouth. And saliva is an important tool. For helping protect the teeth against the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

This is why people are on medication. That causes the right mouth. Should use a medicated mouth.ash. That is designed to put moisture back into the mouth. And why people should be avoiding alcohol based products.

When they use mouthwash, its best to use it. After every time they brush. But if they only use it once a day. That is still better than not using it at all. Mouthwash gets part of all of the bacteria. On the soft parts of persons mouth.

Such as their tongue, soft palate and cheeks. The bacteria can transfer. From those soft areas. Back onto the teeth. Which is why using mouthwash is so important. It will eliminate all of the bacteria.

And make it even less likely that people will develop tooth decay. Finally, dentists recommend flossing their teeth. And the table floss used, is not important. As long as people are using the right technique.

Described on the side of each tooth. Using the dental floss. The space in between the teeth. Represents 40% of the surface area of a person’s teeth. And ignoring this, is ignoring a large part of their mouth.

By engaging in this oral care routine. People will be more likely to have dental problems. As long as they are visiting the dentist twice a year.

Edmonton Dentist | Get A Clean Mouth Now For Everyone

Despite the fact that many people do not like to visit the Edmonton dentist. Because they are nervous about dentist in general. It is the best way to ensure. That they do not have larger problems down the road.

When people visit the tooth doctor, a one of their three convenient locations. They will meet a team that truly wants to help each and every patient. And put them at ease. People can arrange a time.

To come in and meet the team. And let them look in their mouth, without doing any work. This will help people. Feel comfortable with the team, and want to come back for a checkup.

When people do come in, often Edmonton dentist gets the same question. How can people prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. While good oral hygiene habits are very important. Such as brushing twice a day.

Using mouthwash after every brushing. As well as flossing. There are even more things. That people can do. That will give them healthy smile. For years to come. Something that people can do at home.

Includes being very mindful of the food that they eat. And when they eat it. Edmonton dentist recommends having a diet that is low in sugar. And to avoid eating directly before bed.

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Even if the sugar is natural, in fruits for example. It still important that if people consume these foods. That they take care to rinse their mouth. And then brush their teeth. If they are going to have a snack.

Before bed, they should ensure that it is. As low sugar as possible. But to truly avoid eating before two hours for going to bed. By eating healthy diet full of nutritious food like vegetables.

People have a good start on a healthy smile. However, a good oral care routine also involves. Going to the dentist on a regular basis. Some people believe that they only need to visit the dentist. If they feel as though they have a pain or problem.

But this is visiting the dentist too late. By the time people can feel pain in their mouth. The problem is likely much worse. And it could have been if they were visiting the dentist. Once or twice a year.

Typically, people should be visiting twice a year. Once for a checkup, and twice for cleaning. Brushing alone is not enough. To eliminate the tartar buildup that causes. Tooth decay and gingivitis.

Therefore, to professional cleanings. Can help people have as healthy mouth as possible. And help ensure that there brushing habits. Or as effective as possible. People are ready to visit the dentist regularly.

The team at the tooth doctor, at their three convenient locations. Are ready to help out. All patients, at any stage of life. So that they can have clean, healthy smiles for their lifetime.