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We know there are many choices when looking for an Edmonton dentist. We want you to know why the tooth doctor is the right Edmonton dentist for you. This Edmonton dentist has three locations to serve you better as well as extended evening hours and weekends. He knows that dentistry should be available for everyone as well as affordable. Kids love him too. Not only does he offer general dental services he also offers specialty services such as teeth whitening. The clean modern dental office is staffed with friendly faces. This is a dentist who truly cares about you just like you are family.

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Many people come to the tooth doctor wondering about how to get their teeth white. They aren’t sure which methods are the best ones as well as safest. When you come in to see the tooth doctor you will notice immediately that not only is he a professional and excellent dentist, he is a patient teacher and educates every person who sits in his chair about how to take care of their teeth the best. His motto is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He is not in dentistry to line his pockets but rather to serve the community the best way he knows how; as an Edmonton dentist.

If you come in asking about teeth whitening you’re going to get all of the facts and all of the reasons why you should have your teeth whitened at the tooth doctor. For one thing teeth are naturally yellow tinted. Just because you have yellow teeth does not mean they are unhealthy. The next thing you should know about whitening your teeth is that laser whitening is not the best option but rather at-home trays work just as well and can actually be safer and give you a more custom colour.

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The tooth doctor has heard many stories about people using abrasives or sucking on lemons to help whiten their teeth. This is terrible for your teeth and the acidic content can eat away at your enamel. Sensitivity and irreversible damage is likely to happen. Please do not do this to your teeth. It not only hurts them but it doesn’t even whiten them.

You may have thought that teeth whitening will damage your enamel but not so when in the hands of a professional like the tooth doctor. Always trust the expert when it comes to your teeth health. Not only will the tooth doctor make you customized trays to fit your teeth so that they are whitened perfectly but he will also give you access to the best bleaching gel on the market. You cannot get this high of a concentration Anywhere but from a dentist’s office. Always trust the experts to whiten your teeth. If you are ready to get started with teeth whitening please call our office to book a consultation. We cannot wait to meet you.

Edmonton Dentist | Always Trust The Expert

Some of the things you will notice when you come into the tooth doctor is that he is in Edmonton dentist who loves to serve the community. He grew up in Edmonton and always had a passion to serve others as an Edmonton dentist. He opened three locations in the last 12 years and is still serving families passionately today. This is an Edmonton dentist who truly cares and you will witness friendly staff inside the clean modern dental offices.

What is really remarkable is how much kids love visiting the tooth doctor. Not only does the tooth doctor offer general dental services he also offers specialty services like teeth whitening treatment. Many people come in asking about what is the best way to have your teeth whitened and why should I choose a professional dentist to whiten my teeth.

When you come in to see the tooth doctor to have your teeth whitened you will first have a checkup. This is to ensure there are no issues going on with your teeth. If there are, those will have to be addressed first as teeth whitening can cause sensitivity and that is not something that should happen during teeth whitening.

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Many people think that if their teeth are yellow they are unhealthy. This is untrue as teeth have a natural yellow tint to them that is easily bleached white. If there are brown or grey colours going on in your teeth that is a sign of something more serious going on and that is not treatable with whitening services. This is why it is important to have a consultation first with your dentist to ensure everything is healthy with your teeth.

The cause of discolouration to your teeth is that food and drinks and even smoking can leave particles in the holes in your teeth. The teeth are porous and as well plaque that sits on them can make tiny little holes that can trap these particles causing the look of discolouration.

The tooth doctor system makes customized trays to fit your teeth perfectly so that when you go to whiten them they are whitened evenly into the colour that you want. The gel is the highest concentrate available and is only accessible through the tooth doctor and any other professional dentist who offers teeth whitening services. It is important to keep in mind that not everything you see or can buy online is legitimate. If someone or something is claiming to do the same thing as the dentist treatment system it is not truthful. Always trust the experts, that is the dentist.

Another really great advantage to having customized trays and gel to take home with you to have your treatments is that you can control how light or white your teeth get with the trays. You can also top up the colour if you start noticing that after whitening it your teeth have become dull. When you whiten your teeth they do not stay white forever and this is also great to be able to top up the colour.