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When Canadians visit their Edmonton dentist. They often have a lot of questions. That will help them take better care of their teeth. While many people want to take the best care of their teeth.
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There is a lot of misinformation. As well as new standards in dental care. That have changed over the years. Leaving people with questions. About what the best way to take care of their teeth would be.

For example, one common question. Is how often should a person be brushing their teeth. That might seem like a very simple question. With a very obvious answer. However, Edmonton dentist says. It simply is not that easy.

For example, many years ago it was considered. Commonplace to brush your teeth with a firm bristled brush. And brush with baking soda. And those are now not. The standard rules that we operate by.

As well, many years ago it was considered. The best thing to brush after every single time you eat. And to brush immediately after eating. However, there are many reasons why that is not done anymore.

For example, often people eat. Foods that are high in acidic content. Such as citrus fruits, tomatoes. And any types of food that have vinegar in them. What the acidic content does. Is makes the protective and the animal on your teeth softer.

When the enamel is soft, it is quite possible. To brush it away, if you use a toothbrush. While the enamel is soft. Since enamel cannot be replaced, or added back onto the tooth. And it serves as a protective layer. It is extremely important. That people do not brush their teeth. So soon after eating a meal with a high acidic content. Instead, it is considered best practices. To wait approximately half an hour.

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Before brushing teeth, and whenever possible. If people can finish a meal. With high acidic content. By drinking large glass of water. That will remove a certain amount of debris. As well as acid.

And help the enamel firm up, faster. Therefore, people who think. That they should brush their teeth immediately after eating. Or brush three times a day. May want to ask their dentist.

If somebody tells them that it is new longer what they should be doing. According to Edmonton dentist, the best oral care routine. Involves brushing twice a day. And brushing with a soft bristled brush.

People also should floss their teeth once a day. And use mouthwash. Ideally, mouthwash can be used. After every time someone brushes. But at least once a day is better than none.

The reason why mouthwash is so beneficial. Is because it helps take the bacteria. That lives on the inside cheeks, tongue and the roof of the mouth. And destroys it. So that it cannot be transferred back onto the teeth.

When a person closes their mouth after brushing. It will kill 99% of the bacteria. Making it an extremely efficient tool to use. To help people get their teeth, and mouth as clean as possible.

Edmonton Dentist | Good Oral Hygiene For All

While everybody understands the virtues of brushing says Edmonton dentist. Many people are not aware. How often they should be visiting their local dentist. Many people think that it is once a year.

While many others believe. That they do not need to visit the dentist. Until something starts to hurt. Unfortunately, neither of these are the best practices. And what most dentists recommend.

Is that people come in every six months for a visit. At each visit, they recommend. A dental hygienist cleaning a person’s teeth. The reason why, is because even in a person. Is brushing their teeth perfectly.

And brushing twice a day, for the appropriate amount of time. The tartar buildup can actually end up. Accumulating, because it is so sticky. And so difficult to brush away. This tartar buildup can actually cause cavities.

And tooth decay if left over time. And that is why people should visit their Edmonton dentist. Every six months for a professional cleaning. This will remove all of the plaque. That a toothbrush can never removed.

So that people can ensure. That their teeth are as clean as possible. Some people think that they only need to visit the dentist. Once a year, because that is all their health insurance will allow. However, if people can get to the dentist.

Twice a year, they can stop problems before they get big. And fix them when they are easy, and inexpensive to fix. And one of the two dental visits, their Edmonton dentist will do a checkup on their teeth.

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Looking for any number of problems. Such as overcrowding, cavities. Checking to make sure the teeth are healthy. And if they need help. They can fix it sooner, rather than later.

As well, they should ensure that when they are at the dentist. That they get the recommended dental x-rays. Some people are very nervous about x-rays. Either the cost, if they do not have dental insurance.

Or, they are nervous because they have heard. That the radiation is a problem. And while it is true, dental x-rays do give off radiation. It is very important that people understand this is very minute.

For example, the digital x-rays that are used these days. Give off a fraction of the radiation. That old manual x-ray machines used to give off. They still cover patients with a iron bid.

To protect them from any wayward radiation raise. But people should keep in mind. That their cell phone gives off more radiation. In a dental x-ray machine. And being on a commercial flight.

From a Edmonton to Vancouver for example. Will expose someone tomorrow radiation. Then a dental x-ray well. Therefore, it is a very low risk. To find out if there are any problems. That the dentist can fix while they are still small.

If people would like to schedule their twice a year visits. They can call the tooth doctor, with three convenient Edmonton locations. So that they can service as many people in Edmonton as possible.