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One of the great mysteries to many says Edmonton dentist. Is having a good oral care routine. That minimizes the chance. Of developing tooth decay, as well as gingivitis. The difficult thing.
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Is what was once considered common knowledge. Is no longer best practices. Which leaves many people feeling. Confused about the best way. To care for their teeth. This is why it is very important.

That patients should not feel shy. In asking their dentist about the best ways. To care for their teeth. As well, depending on their specific issues. The dentist may have different care instructions for each person.

One of the best ways. That most people can care for their teeth. Is to brush their teeth regularly. Which is twice a day. Rather than the once widely accepted. Three times a day. after each meal.

The reason why it is no longer considered advantageous. To brush their teeth after every meal. Is because people can. Brush their teeth too often and hard. Which leads to enamel erosion.

And since enamel is a part of the tooth. That cannot be replaced once it is gone. It is extremely important that people protect that enamel. The reason why it is no longer considered appropriate.

To brush their teeth directly after each meal. Is because many food, especially citrus fruits. Our high in acid. Which makes the enamel softer. This softer enamel. Is easier to brush away. Leaving teeth less protected.

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And more at risk for tooth decay and cavities. Then if a person had not brush their teeth at all. Therefore, a good rule of thumb. Is for people to only brush their teeth twice a day. And wait half an hour.

Before brushing their teeth, after a meal. If people are concerned about the bacteria left in their mouth. They are encouraged to drink a glass of water. Which should clear the bacteria out of their mouth.

And also, is good for their overall health as well. In addition to brushing twice a day. Edmonton dentist recommends. Flossing once a day. The reason why, is because in between the teeth.

Is a common place for cavities to start. Especially if people do not loss away food particles. By flossing once a day. People can eliminate the bacteria. That causes cavities in this hard-to-reach area.

And finally, Edmonton dentist recommends. Using mouthwash at least once a day. If not after every time they brush. The reason why the use of mouthwash is advantageous.

Is quite simply because it will eliminate. To the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. That lives on the soft surfaces of the mouth. Many people may not realize. That the bacteria can transfer.

From the tongue and cheeks. Back onto the teeth. And cause cavities. But, by the use of regular mouthwash. People can help prevent cavities from this source.

The sooner people can start this type of oral care routine. The sooner they are going to protect their teeth. And have a clean, and happy smile for their life.

Edmonton Dentist | You Should Have A Great Oral Care Routine

When people think of a good oral care routine says Edmonton dentist. To their often thinking about what toothbrush to use. How often they should brush, and what toothpaste is good to use.

And while all of these. Our important considerations, what dentists want patients to know. Is that it is very important for them. To visit the dentist twice a year as well. The reason why this is so important.

Is because first of all, the dentist will be able to see. Any problems before they become large. Some people believe that they only need to visit the dentist. When things start to hurt.

However, many dentists caution people. That by the time it hurts. The problem is already large, complex. And is going to be very expensive and painful to fix. Therefore, it is very important that people see the dentist regularly.

And, to get the x-rays. Which is an important preventative measure. The dentist can catch things from a very early time. Before the issue gets out of hand. As well, Edmonton dentist says it is equally as important.

To get a dental hygienist. To professionally cleaned their teeth. Even if a person has. A perfect oral care routine. They are still going to need professional cleanings done. The reason is quite simple.

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The tartar buildup and plaque that accumulates on the teeth. Is impossible to brush away. And needs professional tools. Over time, this sticky plaque accumulates. Until it becomes a raised, substance.

And all the while, it is causing the tooth. To be at risk of dental decay and cavities. Therefore, if someone comes in. Every six months. To get a professional cleaning. In conjunction with a great oral care routine.

They will be able to ensure that they are doing everything. To minimize adding tooth decay and cavities. However, there is even more. That people can do to take care of their teeth.

Diet has a lot to do with tooth health. For example, a person that has a diet. High in fruits and vegetables. And no refined food or sugar. Are likely going to have extremely healthy teeth as well as a healthy body.

And if people are going to engage in eating foods. That has sugar, such as fruit for example. They should not do that, within two hours before bed. The reason why says Edmonton dentist. Is quite simple.

Sugar will remain in a person’s saliva. Even if they brush their teeth. And that sugary saliva. Can promote tooth decay and cavities as they sleep. Therefore, they should ensure.

That if they are going to have anything with sugar in it, even fruit. That they should eat it, drink some water. Brush their teeth half an hour later. And then not go to bed for at least a couple of hours.

If people have any other questions about how to maintain a healthy teeth and mouth. All they have to do is visit the tooth doctor, at one of their three convenient Edmonton locations.