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They often want to know. If they are doing things correctly. Using great technique, and the proper tools. A common question that they get from their patients. Is should they be using a hard bristled toothbrush, or a soft one.
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Ultimately, Edmonton dentist says this is a very easy question to answer. Because they do not want anyone using a hard bristled brush. There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that it can actually damage. The teeth as well as the gums.

Affirm bristled brush, especially when used too hard. With a lot of pressure on the teeth can actually brush away. A person’s enamel, that protects their teeth. Enamel is a thin coating on the surface of the teeth.

However, enamel cannot be thickened. Or placed, if it is eliminated. That means if people brush to hard. And eliminate the enamel on their teeth. Than their teeth are simply susceptible to tooth decay and damage.

However, it is also important to note. That people who brush their teeth firmly. With a lot of pressure. Can actually damage their gums. This also is often irreparable damage. And if people want to replace.

The gums that they have shredded with firm pressure. They will have to get what is called a skin graft. Where their Edmonton dentist cuts tissue. Out of the roof of their mouth, in order to so that tissue. Onto their gums, to replace the tissue. If they do not get a gum graft.

What the likely eventuality is. Is that people start losing their teeth. Since the gums, have lost a lot of the tissue. That are designed to hold teeth in place. This is very serious, and a good reason.

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Or people to not used for bristled brushes on their teeth. Edmonton dentist always recommends people use. Soft bristled brushes. But also, that they mind their pressure as they brush.

They need to use a gentle hand. But sometimes, people use hard bristled brushes. Or extremely firm pressure. Simply because they feel. As though their teeth are not clean enough. If they brush with a soft bristled brush.

Or if they do not use firm pressure. This is common says the tooth doctor. When people are not visiting their dentist often enough. For professional cleaning. That professional cleaning can help the teeth. Feel shiny and clean.

Therefore, if people feel. As though they need a hard bristled brush. Or if they need to use a lot of pressure. That is a good indication. That they are not visiting the dentist enough.

Many people wonder how often they should be. Getting a professional cleaning, and best practices dictate. That every six months for cleaning. Is most advantageous. Not only does it help keep the teeth.

Feeling shiny and clean. It actually removes the plaque buildup. That can cause tooth decay, and a matter how effective a person brushes their teeth. And therefore, is good practice for feeling clean. And actually reducing the instance of tooth decay.

Edmonton Dentist | Understanding Great Tooth Care Tips

Many people ask their Edmonton dentist. How they can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. They often discover. That they have cavities. Despite the fact that they are brushing their teeth twice a day. Flossing and using mouthwash.

Therefore, many people want to know. How they can prevent these common tooth problems. Because they believe they have the best oral care routine. And while it is best practices.

For people to brush their teeth twice a day. You the mouthwash after every brushing. And to floss every day. It is also important to note that going to the dentist. Is as important as brushing.

Edmonton dentist says this is the show that 74% of Canadians. Have visited their dentist last year. However, 75% of these adults. That visited the dentist also had gingivitis.

Brushing alone, flossing and using mouthwash. Is not enough to prevent this dental disease. What happens, is over time. Brushing alone is not enough. To rid the teeth of the super sticky plaque.

That builds up on the teeth. As well, people need to understand. That brushing alone does not eliminate. The plaque that builds up underneath the gum line. This plaque not only promotes tooth decay.

And cavities for people. But it is also interesting to note. That plaque is an irritant to the gums. Therefore, when there is plaque buildup underneath the gum line. The gums start to get read because it is irritated.

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Eventually, to get away from the irritation. the gums will start to reseed. This is what is called gingivitis. And not only does it cause sensitive teeth. As well as bleeding gums when people brush their teeth, floss and eat.

Gingivitis can also lead to teeth becoming loose in the mouth. And over time, will lead to tooth loss. Over time, gingivitis turns into. What is called periodontal disease, which is irreversible and permanent damage.

Therefore, even if people brush twice a day. Use mouthwash, and floss. They still need to ensure that they get to their Edmonton dentist. Twice a year, for a professional cleaning. And at least one of those visits.

They should get a dental checkup as well. By getting their teeth professionally cleaned. They are going to eliminate the plaque on the surface of their teeth. And below the gum line that cause tooth decay and gingivitis.

If people start to visit their dentist regularly. They may even realize that there once sensitive teeth. Are no longer sensitive. As gingivitis is the number one leading cause. Of tooth sensitivity and Canadian adults.

Therefore, despite the fact. That people are taking extremely good care of their teeth. If they are not visiting their dentist regularly. Which translates to every six months, then they are. Quite simply not doing enough.

To ensure that they are preventing major dental problems from happening in their mouth. When people are ready to take great care of their teeth. They can call the tooth doctor, they have three Edmonton locations. To meet everybody’s needs in the area.