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Many adults understand what they have to do says Edmonton dentist. In order to have a healthy happy smile. However, once people start having children. They have questions. Partially because they forget what they did as children.
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And also, because they know. That dental standards have changed throughout the years. One of the most common question. That parents to be ask at their visits. Is when should they bring. Their baby to the dentist.

For their very first checkup. While many people believe that they need to bring their child in. As soon as they have teeth. This is not a good idea, because often. Babies are born with teeth. And there is no advantage.

To trying to properly and a newborn’s mouth. And look at what their teeth are doing. But many dentists recommend. Is in children, younger than a year old. When they have teeth. First of all, parents should get used to.

Wiping the child’s tooth off. After every feeding. Whether they have had milk or juice. And also, they should get into the habit. Of feeding the child a few sips of water. From a bottle for example.

In order to keep the child’s mouth clean. Of residual milk or juice. That can cause tooth decay. This is very important, because Edmonton dentist says in the first year. They have already seen.

Significant tooth decay in some infants. Therefore, a soon as the child has teeth. Is not a good indication of when they should come in for their first dental visit. Ideally, a good rule of thumb.

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Is the child needs to be able to hold their mouth open on command. So that a dentist does not come away with teeth marks on their fingers. And they need to have at least one tooth in their mouth.

Some people think that they need to wait until their child has many teeth. And this is also not a good idea says Edmonton dentist. Simply because many children. End up having problems, such as overcrowding.

Or teeth that are late in showing up. And a dentist can do a lot of things. Or take x-rays for example. In order to see what is going on. And what they can expect. In fact, if a dentist suspects that there may be problems.

Such as overcrowding. There are a number of things that they can do proactively. To help the child never need braces or straightening implements in the future. Therefore, people should bring their child in.

Approximately at one years of age. And then, bring them in. As often as their dentist recommends. Another question that new parents, or parents to be have. For their dentist, is wondering when.

To their child’s baby teeth are going to start falling out. This is a harder question to answer. Because it is a very large range of many years. Typically, most children will start losing.

There baby teeth at around the six year mark. And when they are about twelve years in age, their last baby tooth will have fallen out. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some children are late.

In losing baby teeth. Some children are early. And regardless of what the child is, dental intervention needs to happen.

Edmonton Dentist | Having Healthy Teeth Starts Here

Many people do not equate health and healthy teeth says Edmonton dentist. But it is absolutely true. A healthy person. Will also have healthy teeth. And having healthy teeth. Can help people have overall health in their body.

For example, having a diet low in sugar. Is not only good for the teeth. But good for the body. And Edmonton dentist also recommends. That people have regular water intake. Because it cleans their teeth.

But it is no secret, that people need. Eight glasses of water a day. Therefore, what is good for their body. Should also be considered good for their teeth. But what else can people do, in order to have healthy teeth?

One concern that many people have. Is that they want white teeth. They often equate yellow teeth with being sick. And white teeth with health. And while this is not a correlation that is true. Having white teeth does not mean a person is healthy.

Image means a lot to many people. Therefore, they want to have the appearance of white teeth. So that they can have the public image that they want. However, people may have tried over-the-counter whitening products.

Such as toothpaste or whitening strips. And while they are good products, and are not harmful to the teeth. Many people are disappointed. At the results that they get these kits. These kits have a low amount of active product.

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Because they are being used without the guidance of a professional. Therefore, they are only designed. To whiten a person’s teeth. Half a step. That means if they are continuing to drink coffee or tea. Or eat foods that stain teeth.

They may not notice a difference at all. What, Edmonton dentist says the positive spin on that. Is that patients will not be getting darker are more stained teeth in the process. If people want noticeably wider teeth.

They should visit their Edmonton dentist. To get a dentist approved whitening kit. The ones available at the tooth doctor. Our specific to each patient. With a moulded whitening tray. Designed to fit perfectly. To each individual patients teeth.

And then, through a consultation. The dentist will find out. Exactly how much whiter the patient wants their teeth to be. And the bleach used by a dentist. Is actually able to whiten. A patient’s teeth by five steps.

That means, they will have. A noticeable difference. In only a few days. While whitening products with bleach. Because sensitivity in teeth. It is not a good solution. For people with already sensitive teeth.

But there are many different options. Such as bonding and veneers. In order to discover. What is the right solution for each individual patient. They should make an appointment at the tooth doctor. In one of their three convenient Edmonton locations.

So that they can talk to the dentist. And choose a whitening solution. That is right for them. Any other questions, can be asked during the consultation.