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Many people visit their Edmonton dentist. And have different questions. Because they are unsure. Of the best ways to keep their teeth healthy and clean. They should not be scared task.
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Because the worst-case scenario. Would be that they do not find out how to take care of their teeth. And they end up with larger dental problems because of it. One thing that Edmonton dentist wants each and everyone of their patients to know.

Is that it is of vital importance. That they come in for a professional cleaning. By a dental hygienist twice a year. Approximately six months apart. The reason why this is so important. Is one simple thing, plaque.

Black, or tartar buildup as it is often called. Is a very sticky substance. That is left over, when bacteria start to attack the teeth. It is incredibly sticky. And therefore, while people work to brush away this sticky substance.

Over time, very thin layers buildup. Until it is impossible to remove the plaque. Unless you have professional tools. This is the very reason why people should come in approximately every six months.

If this plaque is not removed off of people’s teeth. It can promote tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, even if a person has. A perfect oral hygiene routine. They are not going to be safe from the tooth decay.

Caused by plaque buildup. However, another reason why. People should be coming to their Edmonton dentist. For regular cleanings. Is because there is some plaque buildup. Below the gum line.

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That toothbrushes can never reach. Even if people brush at an angle. And brush their gums aggressively. They will never be able to get rid of. The tartar buildup in this area of their mouth.

And what happens, if a dentist or hygienist. Does not scrape this tartar buildup off. And away from their gum line. Is that the gums will start to be irritated. By the bacteria in the plaque. And in order to stop being irritated.

The gums will start to pull away from the teeth, in a process called receding. The gums will reseed and this exposes the tooth roots. Making the roots not only more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

But it also makes the teeth more sensitive. Which can cause a whole host of other problems. Therefore, if people want to know. Other than brushing their teeth. How to have extremely healthy teeth.

All they have to do is make regular visits. Twice a year to their dentist. When they visit the tooth doctor, there will be three convenient locations. In an around the Edmonton area. To suit everyone’s needs.

The next thing that they will find out from their dentist. Is that what consists of their oral care routine is important. Brushing twice a day. Flossing once, and using mouthwash.

Can help prevent many problems. And when people do that daily. In conjunction with regular dental visits. They will find, that they will have a happy, healthy smile. For many years to come.

Edmonton Dentist | Help Your Teeth By Doing These Things

While many people understand the importance of brushing says Edmonton dentist. As well as regular dental visits. Many patients often ask their dentist. What ways they can have an even healthier smile.

Many people, healthy smile is extremely attractive. And while they know that brushing their teeth, flossing and using mouthwash. In conjunction with regular dental visits. Can help them have a brilliant smile.

They may wonder what else they can do. One of the first things that they will hear from their Edmonton dentist. Is that they should ensure. That they are staying on top of their dental x-rays. The reason why x-rays are so important.

Is that they can help the dentist see areas of the mouth. That they cannot easily see with their naked eyes. And, see problems below the gum line. In the roots of the teeth. And it is an important part of prevention.

For example, cavities farm quite easily. Between teeth. And it may be almost impossible. Especially if patients have teeth that are very close together. To be able to see that there is a problem starting to show up.

If the dentist does not use x-rays. To see the cavities before they get worse. What could happen, is that the dentist. May not even realize. That there is a problem for years. That way, the cavity will have a lot of opportunities.

To get very large, and start eating away at the structure of the tooth. And even getting to the root of the tooth itself. By this point, by the time the dentist sees the problem. It may be extremely problematic to fix.

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Taking a lot of time, and costing a lot of money. As well as being incredibly invasive. If a cavity is left long enough. It will cause problems that may require. A root canal and a crown. Or in the worst-case scenario.

It will require the dentist pulling is. And placing an implant in its place. Therefore, if people want to save money. While preventing larger problems. And avoid having invasive procedures done.

They should ensure that they are getting dental x-rays. As often as their dentist requires. Another question that many people have. Is wondering why their teeth are so sensitive. And wondering what they can do to fix it.

While there are lots of over-the-counter products. Such as Sensodyne. Which is toothpaste that is designed. To minimize sensitivity. People should not try to self medicate. If they find that their teeth are getting sensitive.

The reason why, is because sensitive teeth can be indicative of a larger problem. For example, one of the most common causes. Of two sensitivity in adults. Is actually gingivitis. In fact, Edmonton dentist says.

75% of all adults. That visited the dentist in Canada last year. And it up having gingivitis. Therefore, rather than using toothpaste. In order to minimize sensitivity. It is far more advantageous.

For people to find the root cause of the sensitivity. And fix that. Rather than putting their head in the sand and avoiding the problem head-on.