A Brief on Oral Sedation | Edmonton Dentist

One of the sedation dentistry methods is oral sedation, which consists of the use of oral sedative drugs, according to the Edmonton dentist. The dosages of these are low because of their specific purpose of treating some levels of anxiety and fear. There are different drugs, and although the effects may differ from patient to patient, the dental practitioner must know how to deliver them and understand how they vary from one to another.

With oral sedation basically we get you in the chair and we give you some medication, and you sit in the chair and relax for about an hour and until the medication takes effect, then we can start your procedure.

The medication, what it does, is it helps to calm you down, helps you feel more relaxed, and you know it just kind of relaxes your nerves in a sense. With the procedures after we’re done what we tend to find that people have amnesia effects. So they kind of forget what happened during their procedure so we do have some protocols in terms of having somebody with you taking you home.

Some Sedation Guidelines

Making sure you’re not eating or having breakfast or lunch when you come in do your procedure. So if you’re a patient that you just have the jitters and uneasiness of even just walking into the door, or you know your hands get clammy or you’ve had a bad experience.

I’ve met a lot of patients where they can share the times where they just yeah unfortunately has some unfortunate bad experiences or things that have you know kind of stick with you and so sitting in the dental chair is not the most comfortable place, this is something that we can provide for you so that we can help you get your dental care get cavities fixed.

I know people that are just too afraid to get cavities and they basically wait till they have a toothache.