Edmonton Dentist | Don’t Forget A Dental Check-Up On Your Back-To-School List

Backpack and other school materials have been bought, but have you visited your Edmonton dentist? Booster shots to keep your child healthy and ready for school have also been completed. What’s next? A regular dental check-up is a must all year round, and it is particularly important on a daily basis for children before they go back to school. It is not just about getting the teeth cleaned and whitened before school. Rather, it is about getting protection from the most chronic of dental diseases usually found in school-age children.

Between camping trips, out of town vacations and all the other things on your summer bucket list, it is relatively easy to forget about visiting the dentist. The thought of it might be listed on your to-do list but is overlooked in the planner pages because it is summer. To avoid the rush, make sure to consider these tips to make the dental check-up a success:

Tip 1: Make sure to encourage good dental practices at home. Teach the children to brush their teeth. No matter how young they may be, it is best to introduce to them the value of brushing their teeth every day, especially before going to bed.

Tip 2: Encourage healthy eating in the household. Taking care of one’s dental health is not just about brushing every day. Rather, it is about eating the right kinds of foods to keep the mouth healthy too.

Tip 3: Remember that timing is everything. Don’t bring your child to the dentist during his nap time. It won’t be a good scene. Make sure that you bring your child at the right time to keep them from being too cranky.

Halfway There…

Tip 4: Find a child you can consider as a model child. An older sibling with a healthy set of teeth would be perfect. Every positive experience that child could share to yours could help encourage them to go to the dentist for a check-up.

Tip 5: Feed your child before taking them to the dentist. A hungry one won’t be a happy patient. It would be a bonus if your child can brush his teeth before going to the dentist.

Tip 6: Drink more Water. It helps to clean the mouth, dilute sugars and reduce the acidity of some foods (eg: Citrus fruits, pop)

Prevention is always better than cure. The same principle holds true for dental visits. When the dentist can check and repair any tooth damages before school starts, they can save your child from the pain, trouble eating and sleeping and even from missing out on school activities. Whenever you plan to bring your kids to their pediatrician, make sure to drop by the Edmonton dentist office too.