Edmonton Dentist | Overcoming Dental Fear

Even after constant reminders to visit the Edmonton dentist on a regular basis, many people skip it. Why? Maybe because of dental anxiety. While you may think it is not a big problem, some people do face it. Dental anxiety can be defined as a fear of visiting the dentist and anxiety related to dental procedures. If you are experiencing dental anxiety, here are some ways to overcome it recommended by a Capilano dental clinic professionals.

Accept Your Fear

The first step to addressing any problem is to accept it. You are scared of visiting the dentist, and there is nothing wrong with it. Be vocal about it and accept it. Now try and understand why you are afraid of visiting the dentist and make a note of them. Discuss these fears with the dentist as he can help you figure out the cause.

Choose a Good Edmonton Dentist

Choosing the right dentist goes a long way in reducing your dental anxiety. To make sure you have the right dentist, consult friends and family for recommendations. You can also search the internet for good dental clinics in your locality. The next step to do is to call up the clinic and ask about their services. Examine how the staff behaves as it provides you with an insight of the clinic’s patient service.

Ignore the Bad Teeth Fear

A lot of times your fear is linked to the embarrassment you feel about your damaged teeth. You fear that it may be a put-off for the dentist and you might get a hearing for bad dental habits. Remember, the one thing that the dentist deals with daily are teeth that are not maintained. It is the job of the dentist to treat your damaged teeth and guide you to maintain good oral health.

Know the Tools

Another factor which fuels your anxiety is the fear of sharp objects. It is very common, and almost everyone is afraid of sharp objects. So how can you deal with this? Know the tools. The first thing to understand is that the needles used by the Edmonton dentist do not hurt more than a tiny pinch. Also, if your dentist is aware of your fear, he might make use of numbing gels to avoid the pain altogether. The other tool you may fear is the drill. This fear is triggered because of the sound it makes. However, the area to be drilled is numbed before drilling, so there is no pain.

To maintain good oral health and to avoid dental emergencies, it is essential to visit the dentist for regular dental checkups. Apart from that, various types of restorative dentistry procedures need a Capilano dental clinic dentist’s expertise. To get over your anxiety, visit our patient-friendly clinic and book an appointment with one of our finest dentists.