Edmonton Dentist | Many Patients Ask These Questions

It is no secret, many people do not love visiting their Edmonton dentist. Not because they do anything wrong. But because people are very sensitive. In and around their mouths. And when they do make an appointment to go.
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They are often too shy to ask. All of the burning questions that they have. This is why Edmonton dentist loves to share some of the most common questions they receive. So that people who are too shy. To find the answers to questions.

Can still get educated, which will help them. Take very good care of their teeth. One question that the tooth doctor is asked over and over. Is if people should use mouthwash regularly.

While many people brush their teeth twice a day and floss. They often believe that mouthwash is unnecessary. Or they do not understand the point of it. Since they do brush their teeth. However, the answer to this question.

Is actually a resounding yes. The reason why people should be using mouthwash, is because it will help them. Get all the bacteria that is in their mouth, and kill it. While many people understand.

That bacteria on their teeth. Is what causes tooth decay and cavities. They may not actually realize. That a lot of the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. Can live on the soft parts of their mouth.

Such as their tongue, cheeks and the inside of their lips. After they brush their teeth, and close their mouth. The bacteria can then, quite easily. Transfer from the soft areas of their mouth.

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Onto the teeth, where they start to cause. Tooth decay and cavities. Unless, that is people use mouthwash. By switching mouthwash in their mouth. Twice a day, after every time they brush. They are able to kill.

Do 9% of the bacteria. That can transfer back onto their teeth, and cause cavities. When people are choosing a mouthwash, they should look for an alcohol free formula, as that is best. Simply because it will not dry out the mouth.

Dry mouth syndrome causes people to develop even more cavities. Because it robs the mouth of the saliva, that actually acts. As a protectant to the teeth. Helping protect the teeth against tooth decay.

In fact, Edmonton dentist says they had a patient. Who lived to her ninetieth birthday. Without getting a single cavity. When she was asked with the secret to her cavity free living was. She shared her secret.

That she actually brushed her teeth with mouthwash. And while that is not the recommendation that their dentist is making. It is simply pointing out. Exactly how helpful mouthwash is.

While there are many other questions. That people have about their teeth, and dentistry. The best thing to do. Would be for people to make an appointment. At one of the three tooth doctor locations.

They will be able to get their teeth checked, cleaned. As well as ask any questions. That will help them get the answers to their question. And help them feel good about their teeth.

Edmonton Dentist | Numerous Patients Ask These Questions

While many people know, that they should visit their Edmonton dentist twice a year. When people have children, they all of a sudden. Have dozens of questions. About their child’s oral care and hygiene routine.

One of the most common questions. That dentists get from new parents. Is wondering the when their child’s first appointment should be. Some people think it is as the child has teeth.

However, many children are born with teeth. And it is not helpful. For a newborn to have a dentist appointment. As well, some people believe. That they should wait until the child has their set. Of baby teeth. And yet, that is not appropriate either.

The basic rule of thumb that their dentist uses. Is they should come in for an appointment. When the child is around a year old. They need to have at least one tooth in their mouth. And be able to open their mouth on command.

And then hold their mouth open, so that a dentist does not come away. With teeth marks in their hands. They will also be able to ask the dentist. During this checkup, what the best way. To care for their child’s teeth would be.

Despite what many people may believe. Edmonton dentist does not recommend. Using toothpaste on the child’s tooth yet. When they are a baby. The best thing for a parent to do. Would be to get a soft cloth.

That they can dampen with warm water. And simply wipe off the teeth. Another helpful hint, is to ensure that they do that. After every feeding. Whether it is milk or juice that the child has had.

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Of course, Edmonton dentist advocates against. Putting a baby down with a bottle of milk or juice. As that can do significant damage. To the teeth, because it will allow. The bacteria to destroy their teeth.

During the child’s sleep, therefore. By following these simple rules. They can make it to their first checkup. Without any dental damage. Once the child is able to hold a toothbrush on their own.

Parents can start getting them to brush their teeth. Starting with an extremely soft bristled toothbrush. And a small,.of toothpaste on that toothbrush. Ideally, they should get a child friendly toothpaste.

Simply because it will not contain the ingredients. That are harmful when swallowed. And, parents should be very mindful. Not to put too much toothpaste. On their child’s toothbrush. Less then a pea-sized., is all that is needed.

If parents have any other questions. About their child’s teeth. Such as when their baby teeth start falling out. Or any other questions. All they have to do, is call the office. And arrange for a checkup with their child.

The best thing, is to get everyone in the household. On the same dental checkup schedule. So that they only have to come in once every six months. So that the Edmonton dentist can inspect their teeth.

They can get everyone a dental cleaning at the same time. For more information, people can call the tooth doctor office today.