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There is no unimportant dental question says Edmonton dentist. However, there are many questions that they get on a regular basis. From people wondering about how to care for their teeth effectively.
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For the people visit their dentist often. Or they do not go for many years. They often are asking the same types of questions. When they do make it into the tooth doctor. For cleaning, a checkup. Or another reason.

One of the most common questions that the tooth doctor gets. Is from people wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. While there are many over-the-counter products that they can buy Edmonton Dentist.

Such as whitening toothpaste. As well as awaiting strips. The devices that are flexible, and can be placed on the patient’s teeth. In order to make their teeth a brighter shade of white.

However, people who have tried those in the past. Often come to the tooth doctor. Because they are not seeing the results that they desire. The reason why they are not seeing the desired results of the whitening products that are over-the-counter.

Is quite simply because they are only designed. To get the teeth half a shade whiter. Because they are not being used. Under the watchful eye of a dentist. It is very important that if people want better results.

That they visit their Edmonton dentist. Who can customize a tooth whitening kit for them. What they will do at the tooth doctor. Is first, take an imprint. Of the patient’s top and bottom teeth.

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This becomes the whitening tray. That they put the bleach into. And then it adheres to the patients teeth. In order to get very good results. From the bleach solution that is put into it.

The dentist then asks the patients. What level of white they want to get their teeth too. They can get up to five shades whiter that is guaranteed. However, people need to be aware. That whitening their teeth.

Whether it is over-the-counter, or with a dental whitening kit. Is going to cause their teeth to be a little bit sensitive. Because teeth are porous, and bleach can be irritating.

If people already have sensitive teeth. Edmonton dentist says I whitening kit may not be the best solution. Instead, there is an option called bonding. Which is using a fatty layer of material.

That is slightly translucent white. This fatty layer is placed over the patient’s teeth in an extremely thin layer. Which gives the illusion of whiter teeth. Not only is this not very invasive Edmonton Dentist. But acts as a protective layer as well.

Many people find that their teeth are less sensitive after bonding. However, it is not permanent. And will need to be reapplied every few years. In order to keep the same white appearance.

If people would like to ask their own questions to the Edmonton dentist at the tooth doctor. They have to do is either visit the website. And fill out a form to make an appointment. Or call the number on their website.

Edmonton Dentist | Most Important Dental Questions To Know

Many people know that they should be visiting their Edmonton dentist. But, are not making it in. As often as they should. When they do bring themselves in for a checkup or cleaning.

One of the most common questions that they have for their Edmonton dentist. Is wondering how often they should actually be coming in. According to a recent survey done by Canadian health measures.

74% of Canadians have been to the dentist once in the last year. And while that may appear to be very positive statistic. That is 25% of people who are not visiting the dentist at all.

And most people should be visiting the dentist twice a year at a minimum. Therefore, even though 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist once. That is not going to be effective at keeping healthy teeth and smiles.

According to the tooth doctor, a person should come in to the dentist. Every six months. The first appointment will be for checking their teeth healthy. Including x-rays, and seeing if there is any dental problems.

Such as tooth decay or gingivitis. Looking at the health of the teeth. To ensure that they are keeping had of any problems that they see coming. They will also get a dental cleaning at this appointment.

The dental cleaning is important. Because plaque buildup happens. New matter how effectively people are brushing their teeth. And getting a dental hygienist to clean the teeth. Can prevent tooth decay.

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Caused by plaque buildup that toothbrushes cannot get rid of. Then, they should come back after six months. To get another dental cleaning done. They do not need to see the dentist for another checkup.

Unless, their Edmonton dentist finds that after year. They tend to have cavities. They will want to see the patient. Every six months. Along with the hygienist to clean their teeth. So they can prevent problems.

Turning into larger issues, like cavities. They will often recommend that people adopt. A a good oral hygiene habits. That includes brushing twice a day. But not brushing immediately after eating. As that could lead to enamel erosion of their teeth.

They also recommends that people use mouthwash twice a day. Preferably mouthwash without alcohol. As alcohol could dry the mouth. And dry mouth can lead to more cavities. They also recommend eating healthily.

Which means lots of vegetables and fruits. And no processed sugar whenever possible. As well, they recommend no eating right before bed. As eating before bed can promote cavities.

Because food particles can remain in the saliva for a couple of hours. Even if people brush their teeth. By not eating at least two hours before bed. Edmonton dentist says people can avoid developing cavities while they sleep.

If people have any more questions for the tooth doctor. At any of their convenient locations. Such as Ellerslie, Capilano and Tofield. They can call each office. Or visit the website, and send an email.