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Finding a good Edmonton dentist can be a challenge. However if you found the tooth Doctor then your hunt is over. Our dental clinic is world-class in so many ways. We have opened multiple locations to better serve the city of Edmonton and area. The founding dentist still owns and operates all three locations. Dr. Peter Yoo was born and raised in Edmonton and has a passion for serving this community in all their dental care. Having a family of his own has helped him to appreciate the nature of children and how sensitive they can be coming to a dentist.

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He has been sure to make children feel comfortable, calm and at ease. He knows that many children are nervous to go to the dentist but that it is a necessary thing to do to keep good oral health. He makes the environment fun and filled with humour.

This Edmonton dentist allows for everyone to have access to good dental care by making it affordable for all. The friendly staff at the dental clinic are professional and caring just like Dr. Yoo. all of the usual dental services are offered such as checkups, x-rays, exams, fillings and cleanings. Additional dental services such as teeth straightening, Botox, and teeth whitening are available upon request. If you want to know more information about any of these additional services you may book a no obligation, free consultation to find out more.

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Many people contact our Edmonton dentist to inquire about teeth whitening. They have discoloured teeth and want to know if there is any way to lighten them and make them brighter. Their confidence is suffering because they are too shy to share their smile and feel less enthusiastic to interact with others. We like to help our patients achieve their best smile. This is why we offer custom teeth whitening services.

Some things to remember when it comes to what is not true about teeth whitening are as follows. Yellow teeth are not unhealthy, there is a natural yellow tint to teeth. So if you find the discolouration yellow that is very treatable and it does not mean that your teeth are not healthy. If you find this is the colour that you are experiencing you will be glad to know that it is quite easy to bleach whiter. When you come into the tooth Dr. we will assess the colour that you are seeing on your teeth and give you an assessment of what you can expect with teeth whitening.

If perhaps your teeth are brown that may require more treatments because it is harder to lighten. Brown discolouration does not respond as well to bleach. If your teeth are a grey colour and you want to lighten them that may be the hardest case of all. Gray does not respond to the bleach or is very unlikely to. Please call our clinic to book a free Edmonton dentist consultation so that we can assess what is going on with your smile and help you to achieve the best one possible.

Edmonton Dentist | More Myths About Whitening

We are confident that you have come to the right place to find your Edmonton dentist. The tooth doctor is an Edmonton based dental service. Dr. Peter Yoo founded this practice and still owns and operates it today. Opening three locations has allowed this Edmonton dentist to serve more clients which fuels his passion of helping as many people save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

This state-of-the-art clinic will have you feeling comfortable, calm and confident that you have chosen the right place to have your dental care needs met. When you come in the door you will be greeted by the friendly staff who hold the same values that Dr. Peter Yoo does. They will be sure to make you feel at ease that you have chosen the best Edmonton dentist.

To help our patients achieve their best smile, Dr. Peter Yoo offers teeth whitening services at all of his clinics. The teeth are like a solid wall but as plaque sits on them they start to develop holes. Much like Swiss cheese. As food particles and even smoking substances gather in those holes they cause a discolouration. We know that having discoloured teeth is not comfortable for anyone and it does not allow for as much confidence when smiling. The first way to combat any discolouration is to found in the habit of keeping your teeth clean.

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This includes multiple daily brushing, multiple weekly flossing and daily mouthwash rinsing. However this does not take away all the discolouration so that is why we offer teeth whitening.

When you call for a free consultation we will book you in to have a no obligation quote for teeth whitening. We will assess the discolouration you are experiencing and come up with a plan that will help you to reverse the clock on aging by giving you a whiter and brighter smile. Some things to keep in mind is that the treatment we offer is not a permanent one. No whitening treatment is says Edmonton dentist. As you return to the same foods and habits, teeth begin to discolour again. Whitening is not permanent but if you are noticing discolouring coming back you can reapply the gel at home in the custom-made trays given to you.

Kits and strips are okay at combating the discolouration you may find on your teeth. However they do not offer the quickest or most efficient remedy. The gel that is used in these kids is a lower concentration due to the fact that it is not legal to sell high concentration gel in the stores or online. As well the strips do not reach all the parts of your teeth that are discoloured and therefore the results can be quite patchy. This will leave you with an uneven colour. Please call our office today to find out more about teeth whitening services.