Edmonton Dentist | Natural Remedies Are Ineffective

Finding an Edmonton dentist who truly cares is why the tooth doctor exists. This Edmonton dentist wants to help you achieve your best smile. His goal is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. If you find this Edmonton dentist you have found a good thing.

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People always ask the tooth doctor how do I get my teeth as white as possible. Should I use at home remedies or online kits? Do I need to come in to see you to have professional whitening services done? They wonder if they can go about it alone and still get great results. You probably found this article because you had all of those same questions.

The bottom line is visiting the dentist is always going to be a good thing. Even if there is pain or money involved it is still going to be better for the health of your teeth. The tooth doctor is an amazing place to come and get your teeth cleaned and checked. This is because he uses a lot of preventative measures and practices. Keep in mind his goal is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible.

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Some of the best ways to answer these teeth whitening questions is to share what the tooth doctors all about. When you come in to have your teeth regularly checked you will probably also have them cleaned. It is during this cleaning where we do scaling and polishing that we remove the stains from your teeth. This is the most effective way in keeping your teeth right. Not only that your teeth have a better chance of staying healthy and whole and lasting you for a lifetime.

This is the goal of the tooth doctor. However because of diet we cannot always avoid the colourants in our food. These things can cause the teeth to become dull or yellower as time goes on. It is not an embarrassing think to say you have yellow teeth it is not even unhealthy. Teeth have a natural yellow tint to them.

Once you whiten your teeth after having them cleaned scaling polished you can expect to have to whiten them on an ongoing basis. They will always gradually dull down again because of our diet and our habits. The great thing about coming into the tooth doctor to have this service done is you will be given customizable trays with a high concentrated gel that you can use at home whenever you see fit. If you start noticing your colour is dulling or getting darker you can always top it up with the treatment at that time.

The other great thing about having the dentist whiten your teeth is you do not have to worry about it being unsafe. Using natural remedies can cause irreversible damage and sensitivity. The acidity of things like lemons or abrasives can damage the enamel. The tooth doctors method is much safer and more effective.

Edmonton Dentist | Natural Is Not Best

Many people ask an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor how to get there teeth whiter. This Edmonton dentist has all the answers that you will need to make a good decision on if teeth whitening is best for you. When you come into this Edmonton dentist you can ask any of your questions if you have not seen the answers here and we will do our very best to educate you and put your mind at ease that you have all the information you need to make a good decision.

One of the top things people wonder about is if the kits that you can buy in the store are as effective as having teeth whitening done at the dentist. The short answer is no they are not as effective and here are the reasons why. The kits you buy in the store have strips that go on your teeth that are not customized to fit properly. The gel that is used in these kit to bleacher teeth is a very low concentrate. The reason is that it is not legal to sell anything higher than what they do over-the-counter.

So when you think about a strip that does not quite fit and a gel that does not have a really high efficacy you can see already that an at-home kit does not work as effectively as coming into the dentist to have your teeth whitening done.

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When you come to the dentist like the tooth doctor to have teeth whitening done you will be given customizable trays of your teeth. This is an advantage because when the gel is in the tray it can reach all the parts of your teeth where the discolouration is happening. The gel itself is 60 times more powerful when you get it from the dentist than when you buy it in the store. One more great advantage is being able to top up your colour whenever you see fit. You will have these trays at home with the gel to apply when you want to give your smile a brighter look.

Many people look to using natural remedies to whiten their teeth. We would advise against this method because it is dangerous and can cause irreversible damage. Many people have sensitive teeth after using some of these methods. Things like sucking on lemons are using abrasives can eat away at the enamel and that is never a good thing. The enamel is what protects your teeth from decaying. It is also the material that is whitened one whitening your teeth.

Once you whiten your teeth you will have to continue to whiten them if you liked the effect you got. The great thing about the trays is that again you can gradually whiten them as much as you want until you find the right colour. Coming to the dentist to have your whitening done is always going to be the best option because the dentist knows best.