Edmonton Dentist | Natural Teeth Whitening is Damaging

When you come into the tooth doctor you will find a fantastic Edmonton dentist. Many of the things he will experience will feel like an extension of home. You will see that it is a welcoming space that is kid friendly with three locations to choose from. This makes our Edmonton dentist accessible by everyone. Dr. Peter you is the founding dentist that still owns and operates all three locations today. He grew up in Edmonton and has always had a passion to serve the community in this way. He offers the typical dental care such as x-rays, cleaning, dental checkups, filling cavities and more.

Edmonton Dentist

He cares so much about the health and safety of your teeth that he makes it affordable to see the dentist. Many children and adults alike are nervous to come and see the dentist but once they meet Dr. you their worries just melt away. He has a way of making you feel comfortable by using humour and a fun attitude. Many times you will hear jokes being passed back and forth between him and his staff.

The staff at the tooth doctor are an extension of Dr. Yoo as well. They are friendly as well as knowledgeable on every dental topic. They also help to make the tooth doctor a great place to have your dental needs fulfilled. The facilities themselves are state-of-the-art when it comes to the equipment being used as well as the aesthetically pleasing design. We even have an espresso machine.

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One of the additional dental services that is offered at this Edmonton dentist is teeth whitening. You might ask why do I need to come into the dentist to have my teeth whitened. Cannot I just whiten them at home with a kit I find in the store? That is a very good question and many people wonder that same thing. The kids you find in the store are quite generic in nature. They are strips that go on your teeth and are not customized to the shape or size of your smile.

Therefore the strips only colour enlightened the places that they touch. Many clients admit they have had a patchy uneven look on their teeth after using these over-the-counter kits. Another thing to know is that the gel used in the kits has a very low concentration of whitening agent. When you come into a professional dentist you will have access to a higher concentrated solution that does a better job of whitening your teeth. It also helps with keeping the teeth evenly coloured because of the customized trays that are made for each individual.

When you want your teeth whitened it is a good idea to have a customized treatment that will address all the needs you have when it comes to your smile. The goal at the tooth doctor is to help our patients achieve their best smile. Call our office today to book a no obligation free consultation to find out how we can help you today.

Edmonton Dentist | Natural Remedies Are Not Good

Our Edmonton dentist, the tooth doctor, is passionate about helping the people in the Edmonton community. Dr. Peter Yoo has grown up in this city and has always wanted to help serve people in their dental health. Being a family man himself he understands the needs of a family as well as the children. He understands that many children are nervous to come and see the dentist and so he makes it a fun place with lots of humour and laughs. Another thing he understands is that many moms and dads are working and it makes it hard for them to visit the dentist regularly.

For this reason he has extended the hours in the evenings and on the weekends to meet those needs. As in Edmonton dentist we want everyone to have access to affordable yet excellent dental care. Dr. Yoo cares about this and wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He is always ready and willing to help his patients achieve their best smile.one of the ways this Edmonton dentist does this is by offering teeth whitening services. He understands that many people have concerns about their smile and the colour of their teeth in particular.

It is his goal to help lighten and brighten as well as even out the colour of the teeth. He is able to help give his clients a more youthful look and even people with sensitive teeth can benefit from the service. He would rather you come in for a free consultation and discuss this service instead of using home remedies that can damage your teeth.

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Some people use natural remedies to whiten their teeth that can be more damaging. One example that we hear floating around is sucking on lemons to give a whiter result on your teeth. This is a terrible thing for your teeth because of the acidic content found in lemons. Imagine the acid is constantly present on the enamel of your teeth. You do not have to think too long about it to know that it is probably eating away at the enamel. This causes sensitivity and damage that is irreversible.

Another thing that some people are using is also causing irreversible damage and that is abrasive agents. These natural remedies are not better than coming in and seeing a professional to help you with their teeth whitening needs.

The other good thing about seeing the tooth doctor before trying to whiten your teeth is that he will give you a full exam to make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed first. If you start whitening teeth that have cavities in them bleach can get in there and cause more sensitivity. On top of this if you have severe discolouration you will probably need deeper bleaching and more treatments to address those issues. This is where the tooth doctor shines by helping you achieve your best smile.