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At an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor we give you all the facts and help debunk any of the myths you might believe around teeth whitening. We are an Edmonton dentist who truly cares about protecting your best asset your smile. After all our motto is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. We want you to look and feel your best in everything you do and having a beautiful bright smile is part of that. Look no further than this Edmonton dentist to get your best smile ever.

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Many people have things that they believe will help them achieve whiter teeth. They have looked on the Internet to see what is out there and what can be applied at home. Unfortunately a lot of the methods you find are not very effective and some can be quite damaging. One of the top things that people go to to whiten their teeth is home remedies. These natural whitening remedies do not work. Things like sucking on lemons to make your teeth whiter have never proven to be effective in doing so.

In fact they cause more damage than anything. The acidity of the lemons and eat away at the NMR causing irreversible damage and sensitivity. Please do not try this natural remedy at home.

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Some people even look to using abrasives to make their teeth whiter. Please do not do this either as this can also cause irreversible damage and sensitivity. The enamel is there to protect your teeth from damage and when you use these methods you end up doing more harm than good.

Another method that people use very commonly is the one they can buy in drugstore. These whitening kits are sold every day because this industry is very popular. It is no wonder because we all want to whiter brighter smile and we would want to turn back the clock on our look. Having a white bright smile can help you take years off of your face. Who would not want that. So you might wondered do the teeth whitening kits even work and should I even bother spending my money on them.

In essence they work minimally and are not necessarily damaging. Their efficacy is not that great and they can cause some sensitivity in the mouth. This strips are also not customizable so you cannot reach all the places of the discolouration on your teeth. The gel that is used in the kit is low concentrates so it is not as effective either.

When you come into the tooth doctor to have your teeth whitening you get customizable trays that you can take home and reuse. Not only will you have whiter teeth but you can top up the whiteness or make it even whiter as you go. The gel that is used is a much higher concentrate by 60 times than the kits in the store.

Edmonton Dentist | Get Your Teeth Whitened

The tooth doctor is a great Edmonton dentist who will always tell you the truth about the dental industry. This Edmonton dentist hides no information and in fact thrives on educating his clients on how to take care of their teeth for their whole life. His motto is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. No other Edmonton dentist wants to help you as much as the tooth doctor.

Many people inquire about the teeth whitening services that the tooth doctor provides. Their biggest question is can I whiten my teeth on my own or do I need to come into see you to have my teeth whitened. They have looked it up online to find many different suggestions of how to whiten the teeth. Some of the things they have found are quite alarming and should not be attempted by anyone.

One of the remedies that they have seen out there is sucking on lemons to whiten the teeth. This is a terrible method to do so because not only does it not work it is also damaging to the teeth. It can cause irreversible damage and sensitivity. Another thing taught out there is to use abrasives to whiten your teeth. Again this is not a great method because it causes irreversible damage as well. The acidity in either of these methods can damage the enamel so that it disappears. That enamel is there to protect your teeth from decay and also it is what is used in the chemical reaction when whitening your teeth.

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The next best thing to coming into having your teeth whitened by the dentist is to use the kits found in the drugstores. However if you want the most effective method dentist is always going to be the right choice. The kits you can buy in the store have strips that are not customizable to your teeth. Therefore they do not reach all the parts of where the discolouration is happening and therefore you might get a spotty result when using these kits to whiten your teeth. The gel used in them is also very low concentrates so it is not near as effective as the gel in the dentists office.

When you come to the tooth doctor to have your whitening done you will get customizable trays that fit your teeth so that everything is evenly coloured and you get a lighter brighter smile very quickly. The gel that is used is also much higher concentrate by 60 times than the kits sold in the store. You can see already the efficacy of the dentists system versus the drugstores system.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the dentists treatment is much safer and multiple times more effective. One more thing is that you can have the trays at home to top up the whiteness anytime you feel like it is starting to doll again.