Edmonton Dentist | Online Kits vs Dentist Whitening

When you come into the tooth doctor you will find a professional Edmonton dentist. This Edmonton dentist wants you to know that he cares about your teeth just as much as you do. Every time he sits with a client he trains them on how to take care of their teeth so that they last longer and feel better. As an Edmonton dentist he also offers teeth whitening services so that your teeth can have a more youthful look.

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One of the top ways to keep your teeth from becoming discoloured is to visit the dentist regularly. To keep your teeth healthy and white you should have teeth cleaning done. In these regular cleanings the dentist or hygienist will scale and polish your teeth this is important because it is one of the best ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy but also remove any stains. From there to keep your teeth healthy and white you will need to have great teeth cleaning habits.

This is where you will brush your teeth few times a day, floss them multiple times a week and use mouthwash regularly. Your teeth have a natural enamel that is naturally yellow tint. This does not mean that your teeth are unhealthy it just is the natural way teeth look.

Laser whitening is not necessarily better for you than the at-home kits. When you come into the dentist to have laser whitening you will get one treatment that will make your teeth white whereas at home you can use the trays and get a more gradual whitening result. The at-home trays work just as well and are more customizable plus they are very safe.

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Some people believe that once they have had their teeth whitened that they will remain white forever. Of course if you think about this you know that that cannot be true. As you add your regular diet in you will see your teeth continue to discolour again gradually. The great thing about having at home whitening kit is you can reapply the gel whenever you want to top up in colour. This is where it is easy for you to find the right colour for you.

Kits and strips and pastes that are bought online or in the drugstores do work somewhat to whiten and brighten your teeth. They are not as effective as treatment you would receive from a professional dentist. The dentist is able to use a bleaching gel that is about 60 times more powerful than the gel that you will find in one of those kits. If you find a kit that tells you otherwise it is false advertising and should be avoided. The other great part about having the dentist create a system for you is that he makes you customize trays to fit your teeth.

Because there customized the gel can reach all of the discoloured parts of your teeth not just where a strip touches the teeth like as in the kits.

Edmonton Dentist | Dentist Whitening is Best

At the tooth doctor we want you to feel like you found the best Edmonton dentist. Our approach is friendly, calm and educational. This Edmonton dentist wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible and for as cheap as possible. You will not be able to find another Edmonton dentist who holds this value as high as the tooth doctor. Many people contact the tooth doctor to find out how they can not only keep their teeth healthy but looking beautiful.

For a natural noninvasive approach the tooth doctor suggests teeth whitening. This method can turn back the clock on your smile by giving you a more useful look. Something to keep in mind is that teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. This does not mean they are not healthy it is just how they naturally look. As you eat foods the colours from them are deposited onto your teeth. This is when you are smile starts to look dull. As plaques sits on your tooth it can cause tiny holes to appear and that is where the food particles sit causing the discolouration.

One of the best ways to keep your teeth looking white is to have regular checkups that include cleaning services. By scaling and polishing your teeth you can keep your teeth looking their best because those methods will remove stains the best. The habits you keep about cleaning your teeth are going to be the next part of keeping your teeth white. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly will help keep your teeth glowing and bright. Not only that it will keep cavities and decay away.

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If you are concerned about foods staining your teeth you could switch to a lighter coloured diet. Things such as drinking white wine instead of red or using a cream sauce rather than a Bolognese could help keep your teeth looking wider for longer. These are just suggestions you do not need to change your diet because your teeth can still be whitened even if you consume highly coloured foods.

Your natural enamel has a chemistry that can be whitened. Crowns and fillings do not have the same natural chemistry reaction to the gel. This is something to keep in mind when you want to make sure that all your teeth are the same colour. If you have a crown in the front you will want to speak with a professional dentist like the tooth doctor to make sure you match that crown or vice versa to the rest of your teeth.

Your teeth will not stay white forever even if you do whiten them. Keep in mind they will always gradually dull down especially from your diet. By using the dentist’s method of customized trays and more powerful bleaching gel you can top up the whitening on your own whenever you see fit.