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Even though many people are aware says Edmonton dentist. Of how often they should be brushing. And how often they should be visiting the dentist each year. They still have a number of questions. That they want answers to.
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The most common questions that the tooth doctor gets. Is people wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. Many people love the appearance of whiter, brighter teeth. As it helps them feel more attractive.

As well, the surfaces of our teeth are porous. Which means they can take on. The colouring of the food that we eat. And over time, people can end up. With teeth that are discoloured. Affecting their self-esteem.

While it does not mean that people do not have healthy teeth. Many people simply like having. Whiter teeth. And they may have even tried. Some of the over-the-counter products. Like whitening toothpaste, or whitening strips.

And have discovered, that it does not give them. The results that they desire. The reasons why these over-the-counter products. Are not as effective. Is because they have a low amount of active ingredient. Because they are not being used. Under the supervision of doctor. These products are only guaranteed. To whiten a person’s teeth by have to shade. Which is why it may be very difficult to see the difference.

Especially if people are continuing. To consume the foods that are more likely. To cause the teeth to be discoloured in the first place. Some of the foods and drinks that are worst offenders at this.

Include coffee, black and green tea. As well as wine, and foods that are rich in colour. Such as berries for example. Therefore, people continue to drink coffee and tea. While whitening their teeth with whitening strips or toothpaste.

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They may not even notice. A difference at all. Although what is happening, is that their teeth are simply not getting more stained. That is when they visit their Edmonton dentist. To find out what can be done.

One of the most popular solutions. Is for dentists to give their patients. Whitening, or bleaching kit. This bleaching solution that the dentist divides. Is able to whiten people’s teeth. By five shades whiter.

Which means it will be much more likely. To help people have noticeable differences. They will be able to create a tray moulded specifically. To put patients melds. And send them home with the bleaching solution.

And while this is effective. Abington dentist says it is not a great option. People who have sensitive teeth. As bleaching can cause the teeth. To become even more sensitive. There are still options however.

For example, the dentist can use veneers. Which places a false front on the teeth. That can be coloured, to the patient’s desired whiteness. They will never have to worry about staining again.

As well, people can utilize a whitening process. Called bonding, where a thin opaque layer of fat is applied. That coats the teeth. Gives the illusion of whiter teeth. Bonding is effective. But needs to be reapplied in order to continue to work says Edmonton dentist.

Edmonton Dentist | Understand These Popular Dental Questions

Because people only visit their Edmonton dentist twice a year. They often have many questions when they do visit. To ensure that they are taking the best care of their teeth, gums and oral health.

Especially when people find out. That they have tooth decay. Or gingivitis, despite the fact. That they have been brushing their teeth. As per there dentists instructions. It is actually a more common problem that many people realize.

While 74% of Canadians. Visited the dentist last year. 75% of the adults who visited a dentist. Found to have cases of gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by tartar buildup low the gum line.

That does not get cleaned out on a regular basis. Brushing alone is not enough. To eliminate this tartar buildup. Which means patients who brush their teeth properly. And often enough still are at risk.

The tartar buildup below the gum line. Irritates the gums, which become inflamed and red in colour. People might notice. That there gums start to bleed. The foods, brush or floss their teeth.

And if gingivitis. Is not fixed, the gums will actually start to recede further back. Exposing the roots of the tooth. Which can cause sensitivity. As well as an increased potential. To get cavities and tooth decay.

This is because the roots of the teeth are not covered. By as much enamel as the rest of the tooth. And this enamel is a protective layer. That guards against tooth decay and cavities.

Therefore, people want to know. From their Edmonton dentist how they can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. And aside from engaging in a good oral care routine. That involves brushing their teeth twice a day.

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Using mouthwash after every time they brush. And flossing every day. Edmonton dentist recommends that people come in to see the dental hygienist. Twice a year, six months apart.

The hygienist will be able to clean the tartar buildup. On the surface of the teeth. But also underneath the gum line. That is responsible for causing gingivitis to happen. It is important that people do this often.

Because of gingivitis is not caught and reversed. It will turn into an irreversible condition. Called periodontal disease. Therefore, even if people are brushing their teeth properly.

Visiting the dentist twice a year for cleaning. Is necessary to guard against tooth decay, gingivitis. And to ensure that people have great oral health. However, the foods that people eat. Can also play an important role.

And having healthy mouth. Sugar is a huge culprit. In tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, people should limit the sugar intake. And if they do consume it. They should rinse their mouth out promptly.

With water, and brush their teeth half an hour later. They should also ensure that they are not eating. Two hours before bedtime. As bacteria can live on in the patient’s saliva. Causing tooth decay and cavities.

If people have any more questions for their Edmonton dentist. They should not hesitate to ask. Whenever they are in, every six months for cleaning and checkup.