Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life that every woman loves to cherish, says the Edmonton Dentist. Everything that happens is a new experience for the mother-to-be. Although pregnancy affects various aspects of life, we mostly forget the changes to our dental condition. Ignoring your dental health during pregnancy can cause various problems and severe dental pain that can result in a sudden rush to the emergency dentist.

Bad dental health might affect the growth and health of the baby in the womb. It is important to know about potential dental problems and the care needed during pregnancy.

Edmonton Dentist | Gingivitis and Periodontitis

An increase in the levels of progesterone during pregnancy gives rise to a plaque which contains the bacteria that causes gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums that further results in periodontitis, a gum disease. These gum problems cause severe pain and make cleaning of teeth difficult, causing more dental problems.

There are studies that say that lack of dental hygiene may affect the baby in the womb. A woman with severe periodontitis is at a higher risk of delivering premature and underweight babies. Treating them in the initial stages of pregnancy itself may lower the risk of further complications. Proper brushing, flossing, and other dental care can prevent gum diseases during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness and Sugary Cravings

We are aware of the problems women go through during pregnancy, especially cravings for food and morning sickness. Cravings for sweet may result in developing cavities due to excess sugar intake. One must go with healthy and low sugar options to satisfy their cravings. Morning sickness is the reflux of stomach acid through vomiting. This develops a layer of acid on teeth which results in the decay of tooth enamel and cavities.

A child does not get a cavity immediately after birth. However, a bad cavity in the mother’s teeth during pregnancy can result in the child getting cavities before their third birthday itself.

Pregnancy Tumors

There are problems that might not affect the health of the baby but can give the mother severe dental problems. A pregnancy tumor is one of them. Pregnancy tumors are large red bumps that grow on the upper lining of the inflamed gums. They may bleed and crust over, making it painful to eat and speak much. Tumors can appear any time during pregnancy, but mostly occur during the second trimester and are generally cured on their own after pregnancy.

Every woman should take care of their existing dental problems and visit an emergency dentist to get them resolved before planning out the pregnancy. If you have already conceived, it is important to get the problem solved as soon as possible. Don’t forget to inform the emergency dentist about your pregnancy.

Visiting an emergency dentist and going ahead with most procedures is safe for pregnant women, except the ones with complications. To enhance your dental health during pregnancy, get in touch with The Tooth Doctor.