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At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who cares about the health and beauty of your teeth. Many people love coming to this Edmonton dentist because he wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. This aligns with their values too. This is an Edmonton dentist who wants you to keep your teeth for a lifetime. One of the services he offers beyond general dentistry is teeth whitening services. The tooth doctor wants you to achieve the best smile.

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You may have thought about whitening your teeth but weren’t sure what the best method is. First of all just because you have yellow teeth does not mean they’re unhealthy. Teeth have a natural yellow tent but this is easily bleached to become white again. Your teeth are like a solid wall and as plaque sits on the teeth it causes little holes to appear. Food particles get trapped in the holes and cause discolouration. The yellowish colour is the overall effect. The good news is that the colour is easily bleached white. If your teeth are brown or grey this is a sign of a different issue going on.

When you come in to have your teeth professionally white and you will have a full exam to make sure there are no other underlying issues happening. If you have a cavity or overly sensitive areas this can be worsened with teeth whitening. This is why it is necessary to have those issues addressed first. Even people with sensitivities can still benefit from professional teeth whitening.

You may have heard that laser whitening is better for you than trays with bleach. The truth is the trays work just as well and can actually be safer.. They can also give you a more gradual result of whitening. You may take longer to get to the colour that you want but some people really like this option because they’re not sure what the exact right colour is for them. This can be done at home and also whenever needed to whiten your teeth again.

Some people have tried sucking on lemons to whiten their teeth or using abrasive materials. These are way more harmful than you think because they eat away at your enamel. The acidic content can cause sensitivity and irreversible damage. This is not a good solution and it doesn’t even get your teeth white.

If you have ever tried the whitening kits bought in the drug store or online you may have seen some results but they would not be very great compared to the teeth whitening treatments the dentist provides. When you enlist the help of the dentist you get customized trays that fit perfectly to your teeth to allow for an overall even whitening treatment. The gel used through the dentist is 60 times more powerful than what you would find in the kit as well. The dentist is the best place to get whitening treatment.

Edmonton Dentist | Laser Whitening Versus Tray Whitening

Coming to an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor can help you feel calm and comfortable again. This Edmonton dentist uses a relaxed and humorous approach when taking care of your greatest asset: your smile. The tooth doctor is passionate about helping people maintain good oral health and has become a favourite Edmonton dentist. Not only does the tooth doctor provide general dentistry services but he also offers additional ones as well. Teeth whitening treatment is one of these services.

Many people fear that their teeth are yellow and therefore they are unhealthy. This is not true as teeth are naturally yellow in colour. You can imagine your teeth are like a solid wall, but as plaque sits on it it causes holes to appear. Your diet is made up of highly coloured foods and they get trapped in those holes and cause discolouration. The discolouration can be of varying degrees depending on your diet and your habits.. One of the best ways to brighten and whiten your smile is to have regular checkups that include cleaning, polishing and scaling.

This is the most effective way to keep her teeth bright and white. The second part of that is how well you take care of them at home. If you are brushing 2 to 3 times a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly you can expect to keep your teeth whiter for longer. Even the heaviest smokers have still had a great white smile because of their healthy habits of keeping their teeth clean.

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If you are experiencing brown or grey coloured teeth there is a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed first. When you come in for teeth whitening you will have a full check up to make sure that all other issues are addressed.. If you have a cavity this could cause issues when whitening your teeth. This is why it’s important to come to the dentist for your teeth whitening treatment.

Some people have even reverted to home remedies like sucking on lemons or using abrasive materials. This is a dangerous method to try to have white teeth. The problem with the lemons and whatnot is that they are high in acidity. This can eat away at your enamel leaving your teeth in a more dangerous position than before. This can become irreversible damage and cause more sensitivity.

A lot of people believe that once they whiten their teeth that they will stay white forever. This is false information because as you Have returned to your regular diet the colours will seep back into the teeth causing a more dull look gradually over time. If you’re willing to change your diet to a lighter colour you can prolong the whiteness of your teeth. The good thing about having the professional treatment is that you can top up your colour anytime you see fit at home through the use of your trays and the gel you received from the dentist.