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At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who truly cares. When you come into our office you will feel that this is an Edmonton dentist who really understands how to make you feel comfortable having your teeth taken care of. Many people have anxiety when seeing a Dentist. The tooth doctor is a dentist that is different because he helps make you feel comfortable and calm when coming in. This is an Edmonton dentist you need to meet.

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Not only does the tooth doctor offer a variety of general dentistry history services he also offers many additional ones as well. Teeth whitening is one of the main ones that people inquire about. Many people feel that because they have yellow teeth they aren’t healthy. What they don’t realize is that naturally teeth have a yellow tint. This is easily treatable through regular checkups, cleanings that include scaling and polishing as well as great daily teeth cleaning habits.

Your teeth are like a wall and as plaque sits on them it can cause tiny holes to appear. If you have a highly coloured diet those particles will fill in those holes and make your teeth discoloured. Again how you take care of your teeth can be the first line of defence in making them look brighter and whiter. Some people have even changed their diet to become lighter so that they don’t have as much discolouration.

But even the heaviest of smokers still can have white teeth. Just by brushing multiple times a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash can really give a white smile. If you are finding that is not enough then teeth whitening services from the dentist may be your best option.

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You may have heard that laser whitening is better for you but at home trays work just as well and can allow for gradual lightening of the teeth. This can be an advantage because you might not know how light to go until you have tested it out. Added to this the fact that you can top up your whitening anytime you start seeing your teeth getting dull again is an advantage.

You will not be able to get away with whitening your teeth only once and expecting them to stay white forever. As you continually consume the same diet you will see the discolouration come back gradually. Again you can reapply the gel at home to get your teeth whiter again.

If you’ve tried sucking on lemons or using natural abrasives you may have already realized how damaging those things can really be. The high acidic content can eat away your enamel causing sensitivity and irreversible damage please do not try these methods ever. Always come and see your dentist for professional whitening services. The gel that is used from the dentist is the best and most powerful one out there. The customized trays will fit your teeth perfectly and give you the best results without damaging your teeth.

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Finding a good Edmonton dentist can be tough but if you found the tooth doctor your search is over. This Edmonton dentist cares about helping you to achieve your best smile. He was born and raised in Edmonton and has a passion to help people of this city with their dental health. This is an Edmonton dentist who wants to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

Coming into the tooth doctor you will see modern fixtures and the most advanced technology utilized in order to help you with your dental health. Many people are nervous to come into the dentist but do not need to be with the tooth doctor. He uses a humorous and lighthearted approach to keep even the most anxious patient calm. Every room is equipped with a TV to help with this.

The tooth doctor offers all of the general dentistry services but as well as some additional ones. Teeth whitening is one such service that we highly recommend you come in to see the dentist to have done. When you come in your whole mouth will be examined so that if there are any other issues going on they can be addressed first. If you have a cavity, whitening can cause more sensitivity. All other issues will be addressed first.

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If you’ve ever tried over-the-counter kits to whiten your teeth you might have seen minimal results. This is very typical and some people even say they have a spotty look after. The reason for this is because the strips used in the kits are not fitted to the teeth very well and the gel that goes with it is not as powerful as what you would find at the dentist. When you have a whitening treatment through the dentist you will get customized trays to fit your teeth perfectly so that all the discolouration can be whitened at once. You will see an overall even look as well as more whitening.

When you have these trays at home you’re able to reapply the gel and whiten your teeth again if you’re starting to see the colour dulling. The other reason that this is an advantage of having the customized trays and gel at home instead of doing laser whitening in the office is that you will probably want to whiten your teeth more than once. Whitening does not last forever.

Other reasons You should come into the dentist to have your teeth whitened are that natural enamel has a natural chemistry that can be whitened, crowns and fillings do not. The dentist will have to match one to the other. In addition to this you will want to have your teeth cleaned by scaling and polishing them so that your teeth remain whiter for longer. Also if you have any other issues going on in your mouth those would be Taken care of first.