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Coming into the tooth doctor you will find a friendly Edmonton dentist who cares about you achieving your best smile. This Edmonton dentist wants to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. When you visit the tooth doctor you will see modern fixtures and the most advanced equipment. Every room is equipped with a TV to help distract even the most nervous patient. If that doesn’t work the tooth doctor himself uses a relaxed lighthearted approach to calm the nerves. You can often hear jokes being cracked and lots of laughing.

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This Edmonton dentist not only offers general dentistry services for many additional ones as well. Teeth whitening is one such service. There are some things you can do to help your teeth remain as wide as possible before you even have them whitened. By having regular checkups that include cleanings this is a great way to remove stains. Scaling and polishing alone can keep your teeth whiter and healthier. Some people even go as far as keeping a light coloured diet to avoid colourants. These colourants are trapped in the holes that show up on your teeth. You can think of your teeth as a solid wall and as plaque sits on your teeth it causes these little holes.

Your natural enamel has a natural chemistry that’s whitened with the bleaching gel that is used at the dentist. Unfortunately, crowns and fillings do not respond to this bleaching gel as they are different from natural enamel. If you aren’t sure how to match the crowns and fillings with the whitened teeth it is a good idea to go into the dentist to have your teeth whitened More accurately.

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When you enlist the help of a professional dentist you will receive customized trays and the highest concentration of bleaching gel. This becomes an advantage because you can do the treatments at home and find the exact colour you want yourself. You can control how light or what your teeth get.

Some of the top reasons why your teeth get discoloured are the foods that you eat, the drinks you consume and even smoking, in order to have white teeth. The good news is you do not have to give up your favourite things Because if you clean your teeth properly and habitually you can combat the discolouration a lot easier. Even the heaviest of smokers still have very very white teeth. It’s all in how we take care of our teeth. Things like brushing your teeth multiple times the day, flossing your teeth many times a week and using mouthwash are great first line of defence.

Some people worry that yellow teeth means that they are unhealthy. The fact is teeth are naturally yellow. If you’re seeing brown or grey those are different issues and should always be addressed first. Those colours do not bleach easily or at all with the bleaching gel even from the dentist.

Edmonton Dentist | Whitening Doesn’t Last Forever

As an Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor knows how valuable your smile really is. This Edmonton dentist wants you to keep it for as long as you can. His motto is to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. The tooth doctor being born and raised in Edmonton has a passion to help the people of this city to achieve the best smile. He has been an Edmonton dentist for over 12 years and loves being one.

One thing that a lot of people think is that to have a beautiful smile they should have white teeth. They feel that if they have yellow teeth that they are unhealthy. However that is not true because naturally teeth are yellow. But even with that colour there is still a treatment that can help brighten and whiten your smile. This is why the tooth doctor offers teeth whitening treatment. It is always safest to go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened.

Maybe you believed that once you whiten your teeth they will be white forever. This is untrue because as you return to your same diet you will gradually see a dulling effect on the colour of your teeth. This comes mainly from the diet as well as the habits you have around cleaning your teeth. If you have gone to the dentist for your whitening treatment this is easily addressed at home by using the trays and gel that you’ve been given. You can top up the colour at any time when you see it dulling down again.

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Some people have even gone as far as using home remedies or natural remedies that they think are better than the dentist. There have been many people who have damaged their teeth because of the acidic content in these home remedies. Things like sucking on lemons or using abrasives can cause irreversible damage and sensitivity. It is always best to go to the dentist to have your teeth whitened.

You may have tried the whitening kits you can buy in the store online and had some results. Things you should know about those kids is that the gel used in them is much weaker than what you would find through the dentist. Only the dentist has access to the highest concentration gel. It’s about 60 times more powerful than what you will find in those over-the-counter kits.

The other advantage to the dentist treatment is that you get those customized trays that will fit your teeth perfectly. This allows for an even lightning effect. The kits come with strips that do not fit your teeth perfectly and therefore only colour what they touch. This can cause a spotty result. The overall results from a kit is also not as white because the gel is much weaker.

One of the great things about having the trays as he can use them over and over again.