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We know how important it is to find a great Edmonton dentist. We are so glad that you have found us here at the tooth doctor. Our founding Edmonton dentist Dr. Peter Yoo has owned and operated this business for more than 12 years. He is passionate about offering great dental health care to everybody who needs it. This is why he opened three locations to help serve the Edmonton community better. One location is in Ellerslie deep in the Southwest and a second location is in the Capilano area.

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The third location is in our rural town called Tofield. Dr. use goal is to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. This is what drives all of his decisions in his practice and you will see that when you visit him to have your dental health care needs met. Because he has a family of his own he understands children and how they might be nervous to come and see the dentist. For that reason he often uses humour and lightheartedness to keep children at ease when visiting.

When you meet Dr. you you will see that he is an Edmonton dentist who truly cares about people’s dental health needs. All the dentist and staff offer personalized care and service that you can trust. The world-class facilities that he offers have state-of-the-art equipment. He wants to be able to know what needs to be addressed when it comes to your dental health. If you want the best dental services please visit the tooth doctor. You will not be disappointed.

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One of the many services that this dentist offers is teeth whitening. Some of the things you can expect from having your teeth cleaned and then whitened are as follows; more confidence, whiter and even colour, several shades lighter, and a youthful look. Even people with sensitive teeth can benefit from the service. Some things to look out for when thinking of whitening your teeth is that it can cause some sensitivity and the results are not permanent. Crowns and fillings are not responsive to the bleaching gel and could possibly not match the teeth that you still have in your mouth.

For this reason it is very helpful to come into Edmonton dentist to have this service done. If you try to use an over-the-counter kit at home you might find that the results are patchy and some areas do not respond well to the bleaching at all. Another thing to consider is that the strips are not custom fit to your teeth and therefore do not reach all of the places that the discolouration is happening on your date.

It is best to come into the dentist to have your whitening teeth needs addressed because this is a chance for the dentist to look at your whole mouth and see if there are any other issues that need to be fixed first. If you were to add the bleaching gel to a tooth that is riddled with a cavity this could cause sensitivity and ultimately more pain. Dr. Yoo does not want you to have more pain in your teeth.

Edmonton Dentist | How To Get Your Teeth White

Coming into the tooth doctor you will find a wonderful Edmonton dentist. This state-of-the-art facility houses much modern equipment to help serve you with your dental needs. To find a good empty dentist is to find a good thing. We want you to feel comfortable coming into the Edmonton dentist to have your Oral health addressed. Dr. Yoo, the founding dentist who still owns and operates the tooth doctor cares about his patients. He wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. He helps to alleviate any anxiety you might have or maybe your kids have by using a lot of humour and lightheartedness. Kids secretly love Dr. Yoo.

There are three locations for you to choose from when you choose the tooth doctor. One location is in our Capilano area of Edmonton. This happens to be the first location that was opened over 12 years ago. Our second location is in the Ellerslie area in the deep Southwest Edmonton. Our third location is in tofield Alberta. It is The Tooth doctor’s goal to help as many families save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He wants to help every patient achieve their best smile.

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When it comes to whitening your teeth many people try to do it at home alone. They go on the Internet and they look for things that will help them naturally whiten their teeth. Some of the methods that people have found have been dangerous in that they can cause irreversible damage and sensitivities in their mouth and their teeth. Things like sucking on lemons to whiten your teeth not only do not work but also cause more damage. The acidity in the lemons wears down the enamel and causes the teeth to become very sensitive. Other remedies or methods of whitening teeth at-home use abrasive agents.

They can also cause damage if they are acidic and this damage can be irreversible as well according to Edmonton dentist.

The best way to whiten your teeth is to consult a professional like Remington dentist Dr. Peter you. He will create customized trays for your repeated use. The bleaching gel that is used in these trays is a higher concentration and it can only be accessed through a professional dentist. The results that you get from this bleach are much more effective and safe. Before you even have whitening our dentist will check your teeth to see if there are any other underlying issues. This is a sign of a dentist that cares and wants you to get the results that will give you confidence and help your smile last a long time.

Call the tooth doctor today to book your free no obligation Edmonton dentist consultation to see if teeth whitening is a good solution for you.