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Despite the fact that 74% of people have visited the dentist last year according to Edmonton dentist. That does not mean everyone has the knowledge. That they need about their teeth.
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In fact, many people are actually quite shy. To ask the dentist the burning questions they have. Whether it is about pointing their teeth, eliminating tooth sensitivity. How often they should visit the dentist. Or the benefits of x-rays.

One of the most common questions that Edmonton dentist gets at their tooth doctor location. Is from people wanting to know. Should they be using mouthwash? This is a great question. Because not a lot of people know the answer.

However, Edmonton dentist says the answer to this question is a resounding yes. The reason why, is quite simple. Bacteria on the teeth causes cavities and tooth decay. Many people may not realize.

That the bacteria can transfer. From there cheeks, the roof of their mouth and tongue. Back onto their newly brushed teeth. Once they close their mouth. Therefore, by using mouthwash.

By taking in a mouthful, and swishing it around. For thirty seconds, they can actually kill. 99% of the bacteria. That can transfer back onto their teeth. And cause tooth decay in their freshly brushed teeth.

In fact, mouthwash is so beneficial. That the recommendation is for people. To use it twice a day, after every time they brush their teeth. However, the kind of mouthwash that they use. Is extremely important.

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For example, while many different types of mouthwash. Contain alcohol, people should avoid the mouthwash with alcohol in it. Because alcohol is a drying agent. And dry mouth, creates a condition.

That helps the bacteria that causes cavities. To flourish in the mouth. That is why people who are uncertain medication. That causes dry mouth. Should talk to their dentist.

About how to make their mouth moist. So that they do not end up with more cavities. Despite the fact that they are likely brushing their teeth just as often. Therefore, people should find an alcohol free mouthwash.

And use it twice a day. In order to have the best effects of this important dental tool. Another question that people have for their dentist. Is wondering how often they should come in for a dental checkup.

The reason why this question persists, is quite simple. While it is best practice. For people to come in twice a year. Approximately every six months. For a checkup, and dental cleaning.

Many people’s dental insurance. Only covers one visit per year. Which confuses people into thinking. That once is all that is necessary. The reason why dentists recommend coming in twice a year.

Is because six months is approximately the time it takes. For bacteria that cannot be brushed away. To accumulate, and cause problems. By coming in for a professional cleaning. Every six months, people can clear away.

The bacteria that causes dental problems. Particularly the bacteria below the gum line. That cannot be reached by a toothbrush. And cleaned it away, eliminating the risk of cavities.

Edmonton Dentist | Patients Have Many Questions To Ask

Visiting Edmonton dentist at their tooth doctor location. Is great to do twice a year. However, they want patients to feel comfortable enough. To ask any of their burning questions. That they have about oral hygiene.

There is no question that is too unimportant to be asked. And in fact, they firmly believe. That the only bad question. Is the one that does not get asked. And when people get right down to it, there are many questions they want answers to.

One of the most common questions at the tooth doctor office. Is people wondering how they can prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Many people may not even realize what these things are.

Tooth decay is the start of a cavity. What happens, is that there is bacteria. From the food and drink that we eat. That actually feeds on our teeth, they eat through the enamel. And eat through the tooth.

Until it gets to the root, where it starts to hurt. This bacteria can easily be brushed away. However, brushing alone is not enough. To avoid getting tooth decay in the long run. While best practices are.

For people to brush their teeth twice a day. To use mouthwash after every time they brush. And to floss. Edmonton dentist says that is not enough all on its own. Since the plaque that builds up on people’s teeth.

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Is incredibly sticky. Over time, it accumulates, and brushing alone. Cannot remove this extremely sticky substance. Especially because a lot of buildup happens. Below the gum line, where it is impossible to brush away.

That is why visiting the dentist is so important. And part of a good oral care routine. If people truly want to eliminate tooth decay and gingivitis. Visiting the dentist every six months for cleaning.

Needs to make the list, of their good oral hygiene routine. Gingivitis is actually caused as well according to Edmonton dentist. By the tartar buildup and plaque below the gum line. The bacteria is actually an irritant to the gums.

Which tries to avoid being irritated. By receding. They comes will become inflamed and puffy. And the more the plaque is left in place. Without getting professionally cleaned away. The more the gums will start to recede.

When this happens, the roots of people’s teeth will become exposed. Whether the roots become more likely to get cavities. Simply because there is no protective enamel on the roots. Which are designed to be below the gum line.

As well, the gums will be read, sore and inflamed. And will likely bleed when brushing or flossing. If this is left untreated. Edmonton dentist says it will turn into. And irreversible condition called periodontal disease.

When the gums get this bad, often the only solution. Is pulling teeth, as well as getting a gum graft. This is all avoidable, with a good oral care routine. And regular visits to the tooth doctor.