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There is no need to panic at the Edmonton dentist. It is a calm and welcoming environment. However, despite the fact. That they are a great place to get a dental checkup. Many people are shy to ask important questions.
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They often want to get the appointment done. Or they do not want to sound stupid to their dentist. Because they believe they should have. Known the answer to these questions before.

There are no stupid question says the tooth doctor. And they want everyone to feel comfortable enough. To ask any questions that they need. Some of the most popular questions that do get asked.

Help people take care of their teeth. For example, one of the most questions. Canadians ask their dentist when they finally do. Ask these important questions. Is how come their teeth are so sensitive?

There are many different causes to sensitive teeth. For example, if people grind their teeth. They could end up having sensitive teeth. It could also be because people have very weak enamel, that is thin.

And does not protect the teeth well. This is actually a genetic condition. That is extremely for rail and in the Asian community. Another cause of having sensitive teeth. Is people who are brushing their teeth too hard.

It is actually quite possible. To brush away the important protective enamel. And since enamel cannot be regrown, or added to the teeth. This is irreparable damage people do. Whether they are pushing too hard on their teeth.

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Using a firm bristled toothbrush. Or even brushing their teeth. To quickly after eating. Particularly if they have eaten something acidic. Like citrus fruits, or salads with salad dressing.

Therefore, people should ask their dentist. What possible because of their own sensitivity is. Since there can be many different causes. Most of which that should be fixed. However, there is one extremely common reason.

Why people have sensitive teeth. The most common cause is people that have gingivitis. The reason why, is because gingivitis, which has been caused by. Plaque buildup below the gum line. That irritates the gums.

They recede in an effort to get away from the irritant. And this gum recession actually causes. The roots of the teeth to show. And the roots, are not covered by the protective enamel. Which leads to sensitive teeth.

It is very important. That if people notice that their teeth are sensitive when they were not sensitive before. That they should be making their Edmonton dentist aware of it. As soon as possible, so that the likely culprits.

Can be fixed, and the damage can be reversed. If gingivitis is left untreated. For a long time, it turns into periodontal disease. Which is not reversible. Therefore, people can find out what is actually going on. If they notice they have sensitive teeth.

And then treat the cause of the sensitivity. Because just treating the sensitivity itself. May be letting larger problems get worse in the long run. People who have sensitive teeth. Should make an appointment with Edmonton dentist at tooth doctor today.

Edmonton Dentist | Important Questions Patients Ask

Despite the fact that many people know according to Edmonton dentist. That they should be brushing regularly. There are still many questions people have. About their oral care routine’s.

Especially since the best practices, and what dentists. Our recommending has changed, through the years. Many years ago, dentist recommended. That people should be brushing their teeth.

After every single time they eat. In order to brush away the bacteria that causes tooth decay. However, that is not the general recommendation anymore. Because people are brushing their teeth too often.

Causing problems such as brushing away the enamel. Which is a protective coating on the teeth. That cannot be put back once it is removed. Because often people eat foods. That cause the enamel to become soft.

Therefore, they are unaware they have softer enamel. And they brush their teeth, brushing away that protective enamel. Foods that cause an animal to become soft are acidic in nature.

Such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and vinegar. Best practices according to Edmonton dentist. Would be for people to simply drink water. After their meal, and brush their teeth half an hour later.

Therefore, many people do not know. The best oral care routine that they should be engaging in. And according to Edmonton dentist it is as follows. Brushing their teeth twice a day.

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Flossing their teeth once a day, and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash. After every time they brush. Flossing is so important, because it eliminates food particles. In between the teeth, that can cause tooth decay.

But also, because in between the teeth. Represents almost half of all of the surface area of the teeth. A whopping 40% of the surface of people’s teeth. Exist in between the teeth, and flossing make sure those surfaces are clean.

Mouthwash is important as well. Because it eliminates the bacteria. That exists in the mouth. That can transfer back onto the teeth. And cause tooth decay. Such as bacteria that lives on the tongue, roof of the mouth and cheeks.

However, just by practising good oral care hygiene. Is not enough. Edmonton dentist also recommends. Avoiding highly sugary food. And if people cannot help themselves. They should get into the habit. Of drinking water.

Immediately after eating something sugary. And, avoiding sugar right before bed. As it can cause cavities. Even if people brush. Because sugar will live on in the saliva for a long time.

Ultimately, healthy diet. For love fruits and vegetables. Leads to healthy teeth. Finally, the best way to complete a good oral hygiene routine. Is to visit their dentist. Twice a year for cleaning and checkup.

The cleaning is of vital part of the hygiene routine. Simply because it will remove the tartar and plaque buildup. That is impossible to remove why brushing alone. It will be able to remove the sticky plaque.

And help people avoid getting tartar buildup, even if they have the best oral hygiene routine possible. Call today to schedule yourself in for a cleaning.