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Even though nearly ¾ of all Canadians visited a dentist last year, according to Edmonton dentist. That does not mean ever and has been visiting the dentist. As often as they should.
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The best practices, would be for people to visit their dentist. Twice a year, six months apart. And while this was once very common practice. A lot of dental insurance companies. Have stopped allowing people.

To get both visits covered. Only allowing people to visit the dentist. Every nine months. And still get their visits paid for by the insurance company. This leaves a lot of people confused. Believing that going to the dentist.

Only once a year is adequate. Once upon a time, dental visits were completely paid for. By Canada’s national healthcare. This universal healthcare, also extended to vision and eyeglass coverage.

However, in the fifties as the national debt was rising. The Wilson government decided. To cut the universal healthcare. To dental visits. And vision care, albeit temporarily, or so they said.

However, like everything else in government. Once it was cut, it never made it back onto. The national agenda. Allowing citizens, to pay for their own dental and vision coverage. Or, to find themselves healthcare that will cover it instead.

In order for these insurance companies to save money. They will only cover a visit every nine months. Despite the fact that best practices dictate. That people get.a visit in once every six months. The reason why people should visit their Edmonton dentist every six months. Is ultimately, for the professional dental cleaning they will get. This is important, because brushing alone does not remove.

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All of the tartar buildup that covers a patient’s teeth. And, that tartar buildup gets significant, right around the six month mark. This is sticky enough, that brushing alone cannot remove it. And requires a dental hygienists tools.

In order to completely eliminated from the surface of the teeth. If this is not cleaned off consistently. And is left to languish on a person’s teeth. Edmonton dentist says it can cause tooth decay and cavities.

As well, during one of the two visits. To the dentist a year, they should see. The actual dentist who will review their teeth. To ensure that there are no obvious problems that are happening. Such as cavities, overcrowding or other problems.

If people find that they have cavities every time. They visit the dentist once a year. That is a good indication. That they should increase the frequency. Of their dental cleanings by hygienist. To twice a year.

A people have any issues paying for this. They should look into healthcare insurance companies. Such as Blue Cross, where they can pay. Specifically for dental coverage alone.

If people have any other questions about dental care. They should make an appointment with the tooth doctor. They can set up a free consultation. Where the dentist can look inside their mouth.

And give them an opinion. And let them know, what they should do. And answer any of their questions.

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Despite the fact that many people are not shy, they also do not want to ask their Edmonton dentist. A lot of the dental care questions that they have. Whether it is shyness, or not wanting to appear unknowledgeable.

Many people take to the Internet and Google. In order to find out answers to a lot of their questions. And while this can be a good source of information. By asking their Edmonton dentist directly.

They will get an answer, specific to their particular mouth. And any problems that they have within it. For example, one of the most common questions about tooth care.

According to Google, or people wondering why. Their teeth are so sensitive and how to fix it. The reason why Google is not going to give the best answer in this case. Is because there are many different causes of tooth sensitivity.

And depending on what the mouth looks like. On each individual, Google is not going to know the answer. To this question for each individual person. For example, the most common reason.

I people have sensitive teeth is because they actually have gingivitis. In fact, 75% of all adults. Who visited their dentist within the last year. Were shown to have signs of gingivitis in their mouth.

Which makes this, an extremely common problem. And, the most likely culprits. For a person’s tooth sensitivity. As they have a lot of plaque buildup. Below the gum line, the gums become inflamed and sore.

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And in an effort to move away from the source of rotation. The gums start to reseed says Edmonton dentist. As the gums reseed, the tooth roots become exposed. Increasing the likelihood of sensitivity.

And while gingivitis is the most common reason. Why adults have sensitive teeth. This is a question, that only dentist can answer. When they are looking inside a person’s mouth. To eliminate the sensitivity.

They should get a professional cleaning by hygienist. And then schedule in cleanings every six months. And engage in a good oral care routine. Without that professional cleaning. They are not going to eliminate the sensitivity.

However, there are dozens of other reasons. Why people might have sensitive teeth. With everything from having enamel. That is too thin, and therefore. Not protecting a person’s teeth properly.

Which is a genetic issue, and there are many ways. To address this situation. That the Edmonton dentist can discuss with each individual patient. As well as people brushing their teeth too hard. Grinding their teeth, and having teeth that are simply too porous.

The only way that people can figure out. Which problem is the one that is affecting them. Is to have a dentist look inside their mouth. Once the dentist sees the problem. They know what the solution should be.

Which is why people should not turn to Dr. Google, in order to find dental problems. But instead, get over there shyness. And ask their dentist the questions. That can help them have healthy teeth.