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With so many choices today to find an Edmonton dentist we are glad that you chose the tooth doctor. We have multiple locations to serve you to which earned him into and one is in rural Alberta. When you call any of our offices we will help you find the nearest location so that you can see an Edmonton dentist. Our goal is to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

Edmonton Dentist

We offer many services at this Edmonton dentist for all your dental care needs. Some of these services are emergency dental care because you never know when you will need prompt treatment. We also offer hygiene, pediatric dentistry, surgical and cosmetic dentistry, oral sedation and extractions. Some of our additional services include teeth straightening, Botox and teeth whitening.

Our general dentistry services are always available as well. This is where we check for any problems or issues that you cannot always see or feel. We look for signs of cavities or even decay. We inspect your teeth and your gums to see if they are in the healthiest state. If you need a tooth repaired because it is cracked or broken we can help you with that. Of course tooth fillings and other dental care is always available. We use the most dependable tools and techniques to give you the best experience when visiting the dentist.

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Children love visiting the tooth doctor. We are very kid friendly and Dr. Yoo provides the highest quality dental experience for kids. We believe that every child should have a positive dental experience so that they do not have fear around dental visits as they age. This also helps us to prevent any issues as they grow into adults. Oftentimes humour and a lighthearted approach is used to keep children feeling comfortable and confident when sitting in the dental chair. We recommend that your child’s first visit occur within six months after the first tooth shows up.

Early oral examination at Edmonton dentist helps detect any early stages of tooth decay. We want to maintain oral health, correct any bad habits that may be forming and treat any issues as soon as possible.

Teeth can become darkened over time for a number reasons such as drinking coffee or red wine as well as to book tobacco use and even aging. We provide teeth whitening services to all her patients in office or as a take-home solution. We suggest you call our clinic to book a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help brighten your smile. Many people try to whiten their teeth on their own but achieve little to no results. Sometimes they even damage their teeth and cause more sensitivities that are irreversible.

Things like sucking on lemons to make your teeth whiter do not work in fact they cause more damage than you may think. The acid in the lemons and any other abrasive solution can cause sensitivity to your gums and teeth and eat away at the enamel. Please see us first before you try any of these methods. We want you to have your best smile.

Edmonton Dentist | Maintain Your Best Smile

It might be time for you to consider visiting an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor. Dr. Peter you is the founder and owner and operator of this practice. He has been in business for more than 12 years and has expanded locations to serve the Edmonton and area community better. He grew up in Edmonton and it has always been his passion to give back by being an excellent Edmonton dentist.

Many families along with their kids visit the tooth doctor because he is a great Edmonton dentist for kids as well. His goal is to help save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Dr. Yoo believes that good habits start early and therefore it is his goal to see what is happening in the mouths of children as well. Good oral health should be for everybody.

Along with general dentistry services such as cleaning, checkups and repairing cavities Dr. Yoo also offers additional dental services. Some of the areas he offers are tooth whitening, custom mouthguards as well as facial aesthetic injectables like Botox to help with TMJ. The tooth doctor is qualified and certified to administer these injectables to make your smile the best it can be. It is his goal to help all his patients achieve their best smile from inside their mouth to the smile itself.

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When it comes to looking your best, having white teeth is essential. Teeth may get darker over time due to the foods that we eat and any habits that we have such as smoking. The process of aging also adds to this as well. The tooth doctor provides teeth whitening services to his patients in office or as an at-home remedy. All of our dental practitioners help apply a bleaching agent that contains hydrogen peroxide to your teeth.

The great thing about having a dentist to help you with their teeth whitening is that they have access to a higher concentrated solution then you would find in an over-the-counter kit. The other part of this is that they create custom trays that fit on your teeth that can be used over and over again. When coming in for treatment keep in mind that it can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half so you want to be sure to be wearing comfortable clothes.

Edmonton dentist states whitening is not permanent because as you eat your normal diet the shades will gradually drop this is why having an at-home solution is advantageous. You can reapply the gel at home and lighten your teeth gradually more and more. These at-home trays work just as well and just as safe as laser whitening if not better. They allow for gradual whitening so you can find the perfect shade for your best smile.