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At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who wants to help you achieve your best smile. This Edmonton dentist loves to help people save their teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He also wants you to enjoy your own smile as you go about your day. This is why this Edmonton dentist offers teeth whitening services that can be done in office or at home. Many people inquire about his teeth whitening services and find out all the information they need to know to make a good decision.

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Some of the facts about teeth whitening are that scaling and polishing your teeth is one of the best ways to remove the stains. This is why regular checkups that include cleaning are very important. Not only do you keep your teeth healthy and whole but you can keep them looking pearly white. This can help bring a more youthful look to your smile which can lead to more confidence in your everyday life.

Something additional to think about is the daily habits that you have around cleaning your teeth. The way to keep your teeth looking as white as possible for as long as possible as well as being healthy is to brush multiple times a day lost multiple times a week and use mouthwash regularly. Even the heaviest smokers can keep their teeth looking white just by doing all of these things.

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Teeth have a natural yellow tint to them so it is not unheard of to have yellow looking teeth. This does not mean you have unhealthy teeth. It just means that the natural tint can may be made even more yellow by the food that you consume. You can think of your tooth as a wall and as plaques sits on it it causes little holes to appear. Again, this is why cleaning your teeth and the habits you possess are the most important way to keep your teeth healthy and white.

When you eat and drink foods that are highly coloured those particles sit in those holes and cause the discolouration. Something you could do to help combat this dulling colour is to eat foods that are less colourful such as white wine instead of red, cream sauces instead of Bolognese etc. If you avoid colourants you will have less discolouration. If you are seeing brown or grey colouring on your teeth those are different issues. Teeth whitening will not necessarily be helpful.

You can get some help whitening your teeth by using drugstore kits. Something to keep in mind is that the results will not be as great. The dentist offers customized trays that fit your teeth so that the bleaching gel can reach all the places the colouring is happening. The second part is that the gel used from the dentist is 60 times more powerful than what is in the kits. Always seek a dentist for whitening to get the best results.

Edmonton Dentist | Dentists Whiten the Best

If you found the tooth doctor you have found a wonderful Edmonton dentist. One of the greatest things about this Edmonton dentist is that he cares about your teeth just as much as you do if not more. This Edmonton dentist wants to help save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, and for as cheap as possible. You would be hard pressed to find another Edmonton dentist that holds this value as high as the tooth doctor.

Many people ask the tooth doctor about how to go about whitening their teeth. They want to know what are the best methods to use to get the whitest teeth possible in the safest manner. These are the kind of inquiries that the tooth doctor loves to get. He is all about educating his client so that hit their teeth stay healthy and look their best. Having a white smile is one of those goals for him. He knows that if you have a lighter and brighter smile you have more confidence and give your best first impression.

One of the top questions that people ask is if I whiten my teeth will they need to be whitened again and again. The answer is yes you will need to whiten again because teeth whitening is not permanent and it does not last forever. Your teeth will gradually dull down again and this is especially because of your diet. If you are willing to switch to a lighter colour diet you can get more long Jeopardy from your whitening services.

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However if you are not willing to switch to white wine instead of red or cream sauce from Bolognese then there are many habits that you will have to keep in place to keep your smile whiter and brighter for longer. First of all having your teeth checked and cleaned regularly is going to be your first line of defence. Scaling and polishing is one of the best ways to remove any stains from your teeth.

One plaques sits on your teeth it can cause little holes to appear and your food gets caught in those holes and causes discolouration. Scaling and polishing again is the best way to remove those stains. Your daily habits of how you keep your teeth clean is the other line of defence. Brushing twice a day makes a world of difference. Not only will you keep your teeth healthy and cavity free but you will keep them looking brighter and whiter.

The great thing about using the dentist service for whitening is the customizable traits. These trays are able to deliver the bleaching gel in a much more effective way so that it treats all of the discolouration on your teeth not just where strip touches your teeth. The bleaching gel is much stronger as well than a drugstore kit. You will get a better result because the gel is 60% more powerful.