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It was, says Edmonton dentist, the Canadian broadcasting Corporation. That published an article that said. That, at least in Canada, 30% of Canadians.
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Have experienced some form of sensitive teeth. Be it at one point in their lives. Or continue to do so throughout their whole lives. There are indeed a few patients that.

That are going to be coming in. To visit with their dentist for their regular. Annual or biannual appointment. And they won’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

However, it is imperative that you make sure. To not only keep up your routine visits. To your dentist, but you are vigilant in brushing. As what ends up potentially happening through.

Once life, is as you get older. Your teeth starts to become more brittle. And they can definitely start to chip. And other very uncomfortable and painful situations.

However, it is not just going to be. In people of advanced age. That sees problems within their teeth. People of young age as well are definitely seeing. That their teeth.

Are found to be very sensitive or even painful. Edmonton dentist wants to walk down some of the considerations. For why there might be painful or sensitive teeth.

First, sometimes people have to understand. That it is not normal to have sensitive or painful teeth. People sometimes don’t even consider going to the dentist.

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And they think that it will either. Go away on its own, or they’ll just “live with the pain.” That is absolutely not normal. And you should never be able to need.

Anything other than a regular toothpaste. Also, often times, you are experiencing pain. Because on one side of your mouth. You have a longer tooth than the other.

Optimal teeth, biting, and a pain-free mouth. Will work on symmetry. If you have symmetry in your teeth. Then you’re not going to experience any pain.

However, to the opposite, if one tooth is. Longer than the other, and it is. Hitting all of the hot or cold beverages or food. Quicker than all the other teeth, then it is that elongated.

Tooth that will potentially feel the pain. Furthermore, you are going to be able to undergo a test that. You’re dentist can help you with. That will use articulating.

Or coloured paper that will allow. For you to bite down in and around that paper. That will leave an imprint or an indentation. Of your teeth to see if at all.

Your teeth are longer than the other. Furthermore, there is going to be some potential. Tooth sensitivity due to the fact that. Teeth are pulling away from the gums.

That also is going to be dangerous. And can lead to dentures. By virtue of the fact that. Teeth are going to starts to fall out of your mouth. This could be because of the fact.

That you are experiencing pockets. Or crevices in your gums. That is allowing for food. To sneak in to that pocket. And really irritate your tooth and its nerves, says Edmonton dentist.

Edmonton Dentist | Sensitivity Advice For You

The most common cause, says Edmonton dentist, of tooth sensitivity. Cannot necessarily be pinned down to one thing. It is often individual to each and every person.

Furthermore, you might find that for example. If you just look at your teeth and your gums. You are not going to see any sort of redness. Irritation, or swelling.

However, that might be the warning sign. That something is not happening on the surface of your teeth. But rather, it is happening in the root of your teeth.

Down in the gums. Where the nerve endings and. Down where the roots are. If that individually is the case. Then it’s up to a dentist. To be able to diagnose that problem.

And to be able to provide you with some sort of. Plan of attack in order to alleviate the pain. The most cost-effective way, says Edmonton dentist. Is to try sensitivity toothpaste.

Though, the dentist is potentially going. To prompt you to try it in the conventional way. Of brushing, spinning, and rinsing. Sometimes that is going to be too painful.

On second thought, consider putting a bit. Of toothpaste on your forefinger. And allowing your forefinger. To act like the tooth brush. That way, you can do it with less force.

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And yet you can still provide. Very good oral hygiene habits. Further, it is going to be very important for you to make sure. That you are going to keep up. All of your dentist.

Appointments, whether or not. They are weekly, monthly, or yearly. Particularly, there could certainly be something wrong. Despite the fact that you are not feeling any pain.

However, often times, sadly. Says Edmonton dentist, some people that are experiencing. Sensitivity and pain within their mouth. Don’t necessarily do anything.

About it, thinking that it. Will just simply go away. Indeed, it absolutely will not go away. If it is something severe. And it definitely needs to be seen by a dentist. It is not.

Natural to be able to have. Any painful or sensitive teeth or gums. The onus is on the person to make sure that they. Are seen by a dentist. To try to alleviate the problem.

Therein, the tooth doctor is going to endeavour to resolve. Any and all of their patients tooth and gum problems. Be for they happen to get out of hand. And to hard to.

Handle other than having to prescribe. Dentures, by virtue of the fact. That the problem has gotten too far out of hand. And your teeth are starting to fall out of your head.

Further, you could not be experiencing. Any sort of sensitivity or pain at all. But it is still great to go visit a dentist. Because you could still have the beginning. Stages of something.

That is potentially going to lead to. Big problems in the future. If not dealt with at the very beginning stages. You have to listen to your body. And know when to visit the dentist.