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If you are searching for a good Edmonton dentist search no longer you have found the tooth doctor. When you come into our office you will see many modern fixtures that include the latest and greatest technology with x-ray machines as well as a TV in every room and even an espresso machine. Every room is equipped with the latest world-class equipment. Our founding Edmonton dentist, Dr. Peter Yoo always knew he wanted to serve the Edmonton community. Having grown up in the city it was always a passion for him to give back to families who live here.

Edmonton Dentist

He has opened three locations to serve better, two of which are in Edmonton and one in rural Alberta. he has been in the business for over 12 years and still owns and operates these locations today. Being a family man himself he realizes that it takes a special technique to make children feel comfortable being in the dentist chair. He is quite humorous and often you can hear him cracking jokes with children and adults alike. There is always some laughter going on in the office between him and his staff and even his patients.

When you come into the office you will be greeted by dentists and staff who are friendly and informative. They will make you feel at home as if you are part of the family because really you are. They truly care and are very patient with every client that comes in. This Edmonton dentist office is where you can get the best dental services in the city.

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Many people come in inquiring about all sorts of different dental services one of which being teeth whitening. Some of the pros of having your teeth whitened are the confidence that it increases because of a lighter and more even colour that is achieved. This makes the smile that much better and youthful looking. Even people with sensitive teeth can benefit from the service. We want to help our patients achieve their best smile and therefore increase their confidence.

If you find you have tooth discolouration from food such as red wine, tomato sauce, coffee or even some from the habit of smoking we want you to know that Edmonton dentist can help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile. The first thing that is addressed is a full mouth exam. If you have not had your teeth cleaned on polished and maybe even scales in all while it is best that that is done first as that helps with whitening the teeth the most. There will be no damage to the teeth and you will get a better result from the whitening.

If there are any other underlying issues this is the time that those are addressed before any additional dental services are applied. If you have a cavity it can be sensitive or even painful to have whitening done so that is always taking care first. It is best that you have your whitening done by a dentist in case any of these issues arise.

Edmonton Dentist | Whiter, Brighter Teeth

To find a good Edmonton dentist is to find a good thing. We hope that when you come into the tooth doctor you will agree that you have found a good Edmonton dentist. Dr. Peter Yoo is the founding dentist that still owns and operates the tooth doctor today. He grew up in the city of Edmonton and always had a passion and desire to serve the community in their dental health. He is a family man and has children of his own; this makes him a great children’s dentist.

He knows that children can be nervous when seeing the dentist and therefore he uses humour and a lighthearted approach to not only make them feel at ease when having their dental needs met. His goal is to make dental health affordable and accessible to all. He knows that working moms and dads have limited daytime hours therefore he has extended his evening hours and included weekends to be able to reach those clients as well.

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When you come into this Edmonton dentist clinic you will see the state-of-the-art equipment that he has in every room. Things such as special x-ray machines and TVs plus the latest technology and equipment in each room can be seen. Nothing is left undone and this makes for quick but effective chair side attention. It is doctor Yoo’s goal to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He wants every one of his patients to achieve their best smile. This includes the young child all the way to the aging adult. He believes he can help every patient.

Keeping the teeth clean is the best way to combat any issues when it comes to dental health. Scale and polishing is the best way to keep your teeth healthy but also white. If you have this done regularly it will help remove stains and there is no damage done to the teeth. If you find you need more help with whitening he also offers whitening services. A typical candidate would be someone who has stained teeth from tobacco and food colourants. Full exam will be done first to look for any tooth decay or other oral problems because whitening can cause an increase in sensitivity and possibly pain.

Any underlying issues will be dealt with first. Once all of that is taken care then he will make customize trays so that the best results are achieved. The bleaching gel used at the Edmonton dentist is the best you will find. Over-the-counter kids have a much lower concentration level in the gel and the strips are not custom fit to the teeth. The results are usually patchy and not as white as what the tooth doctor can provide. Having custom fit trays helps the gel to reach all the places where the discolouration is happening on the teeth. Call our clinic today to book a free consultation.