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Everyone wants to take care of their teeth adequately says Edmonton dentist. However, many people. Simply do not know what they should be doing. There are many different questions that they asked.
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From how often should they be brushing their teeth. To questions such as should they use a soft bristle brush, or a hard bristled brush? What toothpaste should they be using. And is mouthwash beneficial.

And while there are some questions, that have no good answers. Such as what toothpaste should they be using. There are dozens of great varieties on the market. And as long as they are all approved by the Canadian dental Association.

There is no toothpaste that is better for someone. Then any others, even though they may have. Different varieties, flavours. And they say that they do different things. Such as Sensodyne, that relieves sensitive teeth.

People should be using toothpaste, every time they brush their teeth. And they only need to use. A small pea-sized amount on their toothbrush. Some people use to much, and that is unnecessary.

Ultimately, Edmonton dentist does not care what toothpaste people use. The most important thing is the frequency of brushing. Ideally, people will brush their teeth. Twice a day, and with a soft bristled brush.

The reason why twice a day is now standard. Instead of the previous three times a day, after every meal. Is quite simple. Overly frequent brushing can erode the tooth enamel. Enamel is a protective coating.

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That helps strengthen the teeth. It is not possible for an animal. To be strengthened after it is brushed away. Or put back onto the teeth. And people who have weakened enamel. Or who have brushed away.

Or more susceptible to getting cavities. Therefore, rather than risk over brushing their teeth. And getting rid of the enamel. The recommendation is to brush only twice a day. And not to brush immediately after eating.

The reason why people should avoid brushing. Immediately after eating is quite simple. The various foods have different acidic content. Some more acidic than others. Such as foods with vinegar in it.

Such as salad dressings, and pickles. But also citrus fruits, and tomatoes. Just to name a few examples. If people eat these foods, it actually softens the enamel temporarily. And people who brush immediately after eating.

Our inadvertently brushing away this protective layer. Therefore, Edmonton dentist recommends. That people wait at least half an hour. Before brushing their teeth after eating. But they can protect their teeth.

From the bacteria that causes cavities. Simply by drinking a glass of water after their meal. Before they brush. After they get used to brushing twice a day. Edmonton dentist says best practices say.

They should use mouthwash after every time they brush their teeth as well. This is very important, because it gets rid of the bacteria. That brushing does not eliminate. The bacteria on people’s tongues, and soft parts of their mouth.

Edmonton Dentist | Taking Care Of Your Teeth Adequately

Many people ask their Edmonton dentist the best way. Take care of their teeth, they understand that brushing. Twice a day is best practices. But they do not understand, all of the other best things to do.

For example, Edmonton dentist gets asked. If should be using mouthwash at all. And while the answer is yes. People also should be very aware of the mouthwash that they do use.

Unlike toothpaste, which almost any variety. That people can get from a store. Should be good enough. To brush away bacteria. That causes cavities, and protect their teeth. The same is not true for mouthwash.

The reason why, is because many types of mouthwash. Actually contains alcohol. As a way of killing the bacteria. And while alcohol is a very effective killer of bacteria. The reason why people should not use mouthwash.

The has alcohol in it, is quite simply, because alcohol is drying. If used consistently in the mouth. Can lead to the mouth drying out. And that can cause a whole host of problems for the patient.

First, the most contains saliva. This actually is protective teeth. This is why dentists often recommend. People chewing sugar-free gum. Because it can increase saliva production. Which protects the teeth.

As long as the gum is sugar-free, it will not erode the teeth. And is very good, in between meals. Therefore, if people use a drying, alcohol mouthwash. They could eliminate the amount of saliva in their mouth.

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And without that protective saliva. It can be a lot easier. For bacteria to start eating away at the teeth. This is why patients who are on certain medication. That causes dry mouth should let their dentist known.

And in some cases, they can get medicated mouthwash. To help increase saliva production. While many people do not need medical mouthwash. People can simply steer clear. Of alcohol based mouthwashes on their own.

And then, many people want to know. How often they should be using mouthwash. And while Edmonton dentist says a minimum of once a day is better than none. Best practices indicate.

People should be using mouthwash. After every single time they brush their teeth. They should sway it around their mouth for thirty seconds, and then spit it out. Without rinsing when they are done.

Another question that people want to know. Is when they floss their teeth. Is there a specific floss that they should use? Some people prefer wax floss. Or, for an ribbon style floss.

Some even prefer the dental floss toothpicks. That makes it very easy to get in between each teeth. Dentists typically do not care what type of floss people use. They just need to use it consistently every day.

Surfaces in between people’s teeth represents. 40% of all of the surface area of a person’s teeth. Which means by neglecting to floss. There neglecting almost half of all of their tooth surfaces.

For more answers to people’s questions. About dental hygiene. They can visit the tooth doctor, located at three convenient Edmonton offices.