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When looking for an Edmonton dentist look no further than the tooth doctor. This owner operated dentist practice has three locations to serve you best. Two locations are in Edmonton and one is in rural Alberta. Dr. Peter Yoo the founding dentist is a family man who loves serving the people of Edmonton as he grew up in the city and always wanted to stay here. Because he is a great family man it makes him a great dentist especially when it comes to serving young children. Many children are nervous when coming to the dentist and he puts them at ease immediately through humour and gentle care.

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In fact all of his staff are gentle, caring and sensitive to the needs of their patients. This makes them a trustworthy place to have your dental health care needs met. As an Edmonton dentist, often people inquire about teeth whitening. They want to know if it really works, what to expect, and how much it will cost. Some of these questions need to be answered in person during a consultation. Some of them will be answered in the next a few paragraphs.

What makes a good candidate for teeth whitening. Someone who has teeth that are stained from tobacco and food colourants. Some of these foods might be red wine, tomato sauce, coffee and more. We do not want people to feel they have to stop enjoying these things in their life but on the other hand we want them to have a beautiful smile that brings them confidence wherever they go. The good news is that we can help most people who have stained teeth. If the stains are deep they just need deep bleaching and maybe some additional appointments.

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Before you have your teeth whitened you will have a full exam to look for tooth decay or other oral problems. The reason for this is twofold. For one thing we always help you to save as many teeth as possible and for as long as possible. It is our duty to address any issues that arise. On the other hand, having a cavity can cause sensitivity if a whitening gel is added to it. The gel will go into the tooth where the cavity is and that can become a major problem.

If you are a smoker you would be advised to stop smoking two weeks prior to your treatment because new stains are resistant to the whitening agent. Brushing and using mouthwash is also something done before treatment to remove any debris. If you feel like you might be highly sensitive it would be an advantage for you to take some over-the-counter meds before having your teeth whitened. One last thing we like to tell Edmonton dentist patients is to be prepared to sit for a while for this treatment and therefore wear comfortable clothes.

If you want the best Edmonton dentist which includes the best dental services please consider visiting the tooth doctor for your next dental checkup.

Edmonton Dentist | After Whitening

There are so many choices for a great Edmonton dentist. Why would anyone choose the Tooth Doctor with such a competitive market? One of the main reasons is there are three convenient locations to serve within the city and rural Alberta. The other top reason is the owner, operator and creator of the tooth Dr., Dr. Peter Yoo. Having grown up in Edmonton himself Dr. Yoo always felt compelled to serve the city of Edmonton in this capacity. He is also a loyal family man with kids of his own.

He uses humour to put his patients at ease from the young children that he serves to the aging patients. Anyone who might have some nerves coming into the dentist are quickly made to feel comfortable when sitting in the dentist chair.

Our dentists and staff offer personalized care and service. You can trust this Edmonton dentist to not only meet your dental needs but keep more money in your pocket when you do. We have a world-class facility filled with staff that truly care about their patients.

When it comes to teeth whitening there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Tooth discolouration happens when foods such as red wine, tomato sauce, coffee and smoking cigarettes leaves deposits in the holes that sit on the surface of your teeth. When it comes to the different colours that can be treated on your teeth it breaks down like this. Yellow discolouration is most easily treated whereas Brown is more resistant and grey is likely not treatable.

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Toothpaste whiteners and gums are really just a marketing gimmick. The only extra benefit you gain from using them is the fact that you are actually brushing your teeth. That is the habit that will keep your teeth whiter and brighter for longer. Over-the-counter whitening kits are good but the concentration levels in the bleaching gel are small so they are not as effective in treating the discolouration.

Our Edmonton dentist Dr. Peter Yoo is the option you will want when it comes to whitening your teeth. He makes custom trays that fit your teeth and allow for a higher level concentration of bleaching gel to reach all of those pockets holding the discolouration. From this description you may understand that the more custom the procedure is the better the results will be.

Once you have had teeth whitening done you will want to keep a few things in mind. After you have had it you will want to abstain from smoking for at least 24 hours as this can prolong recovery. Please refrain from using colour toothpastes like those that have read or blue for at least two days. If you have any sensitivity it is recommended you use special toothpaste for it. You may even want to take some over the counter pain meds as needed.

If you are unsure of any of this information please write down your questions and have them addressed when you come in for a Edmonton dentist consultation in our office. We are more than happy to take the time to answer you.