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When you come into see the tooth doctor you will meet a great Edmonton dentist. This Edmonton dentist cares about your teeth as much as you do. There are many things that this Edmonton dentist can do to help you maintain your teeth healthiness.

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Many people ask questions about teeth whitening services because they find that their teeth are discoloured. They do not like the colour that they are seeing and they are wondering how they can have whiter teeth and make themselves look more useful. The tooth doctor has a lot of great information that he shares with every client.

Some of the things that people believe about teeth whitening and how to do it are not necessarily the healthiest methods or information. A lot of damage can be done to your teeth if you use faulty methods to whiten them. Not only will they not be whiter but their integrity will be compromised.

One of the top myths is that people think yellow teeth are unhealthy teeth. Teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. Of course as you add food colourants to your diet that yellow tint can become even darker.

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The second thing people believe about teeth whitening is that laser whitening is better for you than at home whitening. The at-home trays work just as good if not better than the in office laser whitening. Often times you can lighten your teeth more gradually at home and that can be safer and more desirable. You can go as light as you want by having more treatments at home. Having a more gradual progression of whitening your teeth can be more desirable so that you can find the exact shade that you like.

Some people think that once you whiten your teeth there will always be white forever. This is not true because as you factor in your diet the food colourants are distributed again causing your teeth to become dull. Plaque sits on the teeth and causes tiny holes to appear and those food colourants get deposited into those spaces. This causes the discolouration.

If you have ever thought that sucking on lemons will help whiten your teeth you would not be alone. However this is terrible for your teeth and please do not do it. It can cause the enamel to be no way by the acidity in the lemons. This can cause irreversible damage and a lot of sensitivity. Other natural remedies are not better than the dentist either. The same concept applies here because the acidic content or the abrasiveness can cause irreversible damage and sensitivities. Please see the dentist who is a professional to whiten your teeth.

Kits and strips and pace might be more accessible and less expensive but they are not better than the whitening you will get with a professional dentist. These kits are not customized to fit your teeth and the concentrate used in them is very low compared to what you would find at the dentist.

Edmonton Dentist | Whiter Teeth

Coming into the tooth doctor you will find a great Edmonton dentist. This is an Edmonton dentist that cares about the health of your teeth. His motto is to save as many teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. What other Edmonton dentist offers this?

One of the additional services that the tooth doctor offers is teeth whitening. Some of the facts about having white teeth are as follows. Scaling and polishing is one of the best ways to remove stains from your teeth this is why it is important to have regular checkups and cleaning done.

You can keep your teeth whiter for longer if you change your diet to a lighter coloured diet. If you avoid colourants they will no longer change the colour of your teeth. Plaque sits on the teeth and causes tiny holes where the food particles are deposited. This is what caused the discolouration of your teeth. You can see again that keeping your teeth clean as well as regularly having them professionally cleaned can keep this plaque away. It also helps remove those food colourants from your teeth.

Natural enamel has unnatural chemistry that can be whitened with the whitening gel. If you have crowns or fillings in your teeth those are not affected by the teeth whitening method.

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If you have whitening done in office you get a whiter brighter look. If you do this at home with the trays you can take a more gradual approach to find the exact white colour you want for your teeth. These trays and this method are just as good as laser whitening and in fact it is safe and preferred.

Something else to keep in mind is that not everything you buy online is a legitimate product. If you find something that is telling you your teeth are going to be as white as what the dentist can provide you are seeing bad marketing. The kits and strips and pace that you buy online or in shops are not the same as what you get from the dentist.

The dentist makes custom trays and uses a much higher concentrated gel that can whiten your teeth much more effectively. You would not be able to find this gel on your own over-the-counter because it is not sold legally. The bleaching gel that the dentist provides is about 60 times more powerful.

One of the best things you can do for your teeth is to have healthy habits in place. This means brushing your teeth twice a day flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly. This will help remove particles from your teeth that are causing the discolouration. Even if you have a very colourful diet you can still lighten your smile. Naturally this can make you look younger. A byproduct is that your teeth will last longer as well and will be healthier too. Please colour clinic to book your teeth whitening services today.