Edmonton Dentist | Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons

When you come into our Edmonton dentist, the tooth doctor, you will be warmly greeted and feel instantly at ease. The good thing is that you have three locations to choose from. We have two Edmonton locations and one more in Tofield, Alberta. All three locations offer many services that help you with your dental health. Our goal at the tooth doctor is to save as many teeth for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. Helping our patients achieve their best smile is our biggest goal.

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Our founding Edmonton Dentist, Dr. Peter Yoo, loves to help you feel at ease, comfortable and cared for. He uses a lot of humour to help all ages feel calm and in a good mood when having their teeth taken care of. He knows that many people have a certain level of nervousness when they go to see a dentist. His personality serves him well as he relates to his patients through a good joke or funny story. Once our clients come, they are no longer hesitant to make regular checkups a good habit.

Many clients come in for numerous procedures. Tooth whitening is one of them. We all have experienced tooth discolouration from certain foods that can stain our teeth. Foods such as red wine, tomato sauce, coffee or even the habit of smoking can be the culprits.

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The first thing that the Edmonton dentist suggests is that brushing your teeth multiple times a day is the biggest factor in keeping your teeth white. Using whitening toothpaste is not necessary as long as you are consistently brushing your teeth. flossing regularly during the week and using mouthwash daily is also recommended. Good habits are the key to keeping your teeth white no matter what you eat or drink. If you find that this is not helping enough and you would like to give your teeth a boost then it might be time to come in for tooth whitening treatment.

The following are some pros when it comes to having your teeth whitened. You will gain confidence and likely smile a lot more. your teeth will be lighter and have a more even colour. They may even be several shades lighter than what they are currently. All of these pros offer a more youthful look. One great thing is that even if you have sensitivity in your teeth you can still benefit from whitening.

Some cons of having your teeth whitened are that the results are not permanent. You will need to have treatment again if you liked the result. Some people do have some sensitivity after having their teeth whitened. Edmonton dentist says another downside is that you will not be able to colour any crowns or fillings. You may not even be able to correct all types of discolouration on your teeth. Yellow will bleach well, brown does not respond well and grey does not colour at all. The last thing to keep in mind is if you have other issues with your teeth such as cavities or receding gums those things need to be addressed first before you have teeth whitening.

Edmonton Dentist | What You Need To Know About Whitening

At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who really cares. The great thing about this dentist is that he has three locations to serve you better. Two of the locations are in Edmonton and one is in Tofield, Alberta. When you come in to see the tooth doctor you will be greeted with by a friendly face. Our clients are part of our larger family. Our goal is to help our patients achieve their best smile. One of the ways we do this is by offering teeth whitening services.

As an Edmonton dentist we have seen many cases where we have been able to completely change the look of someone’s smile. Teeth whitening is one of the tools we use for this. Before you have teeth whitening done there are a few things that you will need to know. Some of the things to consider before you have teeth whitening are, what makes a good candidate, what to do before you have the treatment, and what to do after.

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Firstly, tooth discolouration can come from foods such as red wine, tomato sauce, coffee and the habit of smoking. These are the most common culprits of the yellow hue you might find on your teeth. Most of this colouring can be removed just by keeping your teeth clean. The habit of brushing your teeth multiple times a day is going to be the number one way to keep your teeth looking whiter and brighter. In addition to that, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash once a day are both very helpful. If you find that that is not doing enough then it might be time to come in and see us at our Edmonton dentist location.

A person who makes a good candidate is one that has their teeth stained from tobacco and food colourants. These things that are consumed sit in the holes on your teeth. When plaque has sat on the tooth it makes holes on the surface of the teeth. This is where the food sits. These holes may need deep bleaching to reach them.

A full exam at Edmonton dentist is necessary before you have your teeth whitening treatment. If there are any oral problems or tooth decay those need to be addressed first because they can cause an increase in sensitivity.

After whitening it is a good idea to not smoke for at least 24 hours. This can prolong the recovery. Coloured toothpastes such as red or blue should be avoided for the next two days as well. If you have sensitivity you may find it necessary to use over-the-counter medications. It is also a good idea to have a follow-up appointment with The Tooth Doctor to make sure everything is in good order. Please call our clinic to book your appointment today.